3D rendering of goods and services promotes sales and accelerates return on investment. To facilitate your sales, present your products in interactive 3D mode, your customers no longer need to travel to discover the items you offer them, and you no longer need to go to your customers to promote your merchandise.

A simple internet access and a browser will do the trick and it is your product that will visit customers at home, with all its details, its strengths, its features, thanks to our hyper-realistic 3D modeling and faithful to the real image of your articles.

Different results of studies suggest that the use of 3D in business has become the standard, and buyers expect to see a visual representation of the product in 3D before making a purchasing decision.Save time, effort and money with this innovative and affordable technology.

Send your product catalog to your customers without transport, without loss of time, at no additional cost.

Basically, the need to use 3D rendering of products, objects, houses, interiors is faced by professionals providing relevant services. In fact, this is an amazing ability to make a realistic three-dimensional imagefrom drawings, and sometimes sketches.

In many ways, software that is constantly being improved helps specialists in the field of 3D modeling and rendering. Currently, most professionals use the 3DS MAX program + V-RAY rendering system (this is the process of creating an image that allows it to be made as realistic as possible).

They order rendering for different purposes, often for the presentation of their design project, architecture, for catalogs of furniture or other items of production. In addition, this service allows the most voluminous and believable presentation of the desired item, make the necessary adjustments when designing it.

Depending on what result you want to achieve, what model you want to design, the process can take from 1 to 5 days, sometimes more, depending on the scale of the project. But it’s worth it, believe, the result is amazing!

Who in our time just can not do without visualization to achieve the perfect result. All customers first look at the pictures, fall in love with them, and then order.

Visualization provides unlimited opportunities for both business and private clients. One can see the final result before the start of the repair, identify and eliminate deficiencies, make adjustments. You can try, try on, so to speak, a different design, a combination of different furniture, styles even before the start of apartment renovation or the administrative premises.

We are sympathetic to any desire of even the most demanding customer!

Why do we need 3D Product Rendering services?
Using 3D rendering to present products on an e-commerce site is not new in itself.

This has been around for a long time. But many brakes have never allowed this technology to be democratized on commercial sites: high loading time of animations, difficulty of industrialization for catalogs counting thousands of products, cost of the modeling, time of realization, etc.

3D and e-commerce have never managed to get along, while the opportunities in terms of uses are phenomenal.

But, this observation is being shattered thanks to technological developments that are coming, which open up new perspectives for the use of 3D in e-commerce, notably:

  • to manage many variations of colors/materials from a Master product,
  • to view customizable products before buying,
  • to create assembled products,
  • to simulate the rendering of products in the environment of their choice.

Visual staging of products has always been a major topic because of the direct impact on many performance indicators of the sales business.

3D product rendering services also raises the conversion rate: in the physical world, the customer can touch the product, manipulate it, reassure its solidity, evaluate its true dimensions, before making its purchase decision.

On a website, you have to forget all that. The visitor must rely on the few visuals available (and sometimes a video) to evaluate the product, hence the fact that many customers go to finalize their purchase in a physical store.

3D product rendering services decrease return rate of products: the more a product offers detailed and numerous views, and the more the customer is able to appreciate the adequacy between its need and the product presented, to judge its quality, thus avoiding purchases that end by a disappointment and who return to the merchant within the legal withdrawal period.

The level of solicitation: good visual products renders can help avoid questions addressed to the e-commerce site by e-mail, phone or chat.

The merchant therefore has more time to devote to other important tasks for its development. In a context where acquisition costs are constantly increasing, it is essential to work continuously optimizing the conversion to maximize ROI of webmarketing investments.

To propose the best possible visual experience to its visitors is therefore one of the essential axes to work.
It’s proven, the level of detail and the quality of the staging increase the conversion.
With 3D product rendering, it is now possible to go even further. The pioneers of using 3D to sell online are jewelers and the furniture industry.

The first had to deal with a problem of very detailed visualization of jewels, from all angles, to favor the purchase of favorite product.

To this the problem of the personalization of the jewel has been addedin line with the choice of the stone which adorns the jewelry and the metal of the frame (yellow gold, white gold, silver, …). How to show hundreds of products that are only made upon request?

In the field of furniture/decoration where the products can offer many variations: the choice of fabrics, the choice of colors, the configurations (sofa 2 places, 3 places, with or without meridian, etc.), can generate several dozens of possible combinations on the basis of a master product, making the shooting of the product catalog particularly complex and long (therefore expensive) with traditional means, even impossible because, as for jewelry, some combinations exist only on the paper.

But that was before! However, the emergence of new tools and techniques now make it possible to overcome the named problems.

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