3D Product Design and Visualization

Before production or construction happens, you need a realistic rendering of your ideas so you’d know exactly what you are going to get—and that’s why you need 3D Product Design and Visualization.

Designing and Visualizing a product in 3D is great because it is able to assist you in the production process of a certain product or object. Basically, it could serve as a guide so that you know that what you’ll get is something that you really want.

As you can see, the old-school method of building scale models is already outdated and it really takes a lot of time. Add to that, it may cost much because of the materials that need to be used and it takes a whole lot of effort, too. 3D Visualization will save you a lot of prototyping time, which is good because these days, everyone knows how important it is to save time and money, as well.

Aside from that, 3D rendering can easily combine different backgrounds, colors, styles and themes that is not totally possible with scale models. There is also a lot of freedom that comes with 3D Visualization that cannot happen with scale models because with 3D Visualization, you can make use of different camera angles to view the object that you are trying to make.

Moreover, you can use 3D Visualizations for presenting your products to clients or as displays on your website. You can also upload the visualizations to a YouTube channel so that your clients and customers will be able to see it and so they could give feedback, as well. Or, if you want, you can also print the file on 11 x 17 boards so you can use them as murals or billboards to help people understand what you want to give them.

3D Visualizations are also very helpful when it comes to marketing. These days, most companies use 3D Rendering to advertise their products in a realistic manner. This is especially true for smart phones and other types of gadgets so people would learn more about them and would be able to decide whether they want to buy a certain product or not.

What’s more, the visualizations can be tweaked based on what you want to happen so the kind of rendering that you’ll get will really be unique to you and you also have the option to see how the rendering of your product progresses for each stage of the process so you can make necessary changes even before the product really gets to be built. You can also choose from various options as to how your product will look, such as cartoon-shaded, diagrammatic, or realistic.

We can provide you with 3D source files of material and lighting that you can pass on to your suppliers so they will know which materials to use during the production period. And of course, we’d be able to give you 3D object or product rendering of your ideas—whether they are from photos, hand sketches, or blueprints, so you definitely have a lot of choices.