Architectural design, being a part of the cultural system, is a design activity aimed at creating complexes and individual forms of objective-spatial objects.

The appearance of design in the first half of the 20th century was a consequence of the fact that architectural creativity was separated from the elements of the material environment that are in mass production.

Today, the above forms of design, such as architecture, design, and interior, are maximally “brought closer” by specialists in the industry in order to be able to solve problems related to improving human activity at a higher quality level.

That is to say000 the mission that the modern studio of architecture imposes on itself is the “binding” of the objective forms of the human environment into a harmonious living space.

3D visualization is a modern high-precision technology of 3D design. Architectural 3D visualization and animation is a combination of architectural and design abilities, a sense of style with technologies of 3D graphics and 3D modeling in the hands of professional architects.