Architectural animation is an animated video showing a building object. Created with the help of three-dimensional computer graphics, it will be a great presentation of any architectural project, in all nuances conveying the idea and scope of the designers and the delicate taste of the architects who worked on the creation of a private house, residential complex or shopping center in the city.

Programs for three-dimensional modeling and visualization are not only able to draw any, the most complex structure but with an exceptional degree of realism to convey all the details of its architectural elements and textures of any surfaces. Modern technologies allow making animation interactive. You can create 360-degree animations, interactive animations with the ability to enter the building and much more.

It is hardly possible now to imagine life without animated commercials rooted in many areas of our life. Advertising on television, designing architectural objects, and just an animated video as a birthday present became commonplace.

The creation of animated 3D videos takes a lot of time, but often they are much more profitable and more efficient than regular video clips. Many construction companies before the start of construction prefer to order an animated 3D video that can create a sense of presence on the finished object.

Architectural 3D Animation

3D animation of architectural objects is the most advanced way to make a presentation of the conceived project, which exists so far only on paper.

The 3D video will also help start an effective advertising campaign for an object that has not yet been commissioned. This is its undoubted advantage over the usual advertising video, capable of working only with already implemented projects. What does the customer win by resorting to the animation method of demonstrating his creation?
First, he wins time.

The 3D technologies, capable of creating a future object with photographic accuracy on the basis of project documentation, allow us not to wait until the end of the construction period, but to accomplish the promotion tasks in parallel with it.

Secondly, the business status and authority of the company, which likewise presents its business, gain new weight. In the eyes of investors interested in cooperation, your thoroughness and willingness to be engaged in this or that project will truly become another reason to deal with you.

Thirdly, this kind of advertising is an excellent move from a profitable point of view. According to the ongoing commercial statistics, the potential buyer trusts the animation, not as an example more than standard advertising. The 3D video will raise the level of sales and consumer interest in your product.

Thus, investing in 3D animation, you invest in the prospects and your future success.

Using animation allows you to animate 3D documents by putting in them some actions that can be played at any time. Animation helps to visualize changes in perspective, changes in document parameters, geographic movements and changes in time. Animations can make 3D documents more spectacular. Animations can be used to automate processes that can reveal details which appear only on scenes that change over time.

What is 3D animation for?

An animated architectural visualization is an effective tool for presenting a building object. Its main task is to convey the beauty of facade solutions and form an emotional image of the project. Therefore, in architectural animation, the artistic level and style of 3D visualizations are of great importance.

First of all, it is for prototypes. With the help of 3D graphics designers animate the layouts of sites and applications. Create interactive switching between different application screens and site pages.

For the presentation of cases. Designers use three-dimensional animation to show actual work and showcase their portfolio. Moving elements help to attract and keep the attention of users. Both interest and attention are the criteria of a good presentation.

For the implementation of micro-interactions – small interface animations that report the state of the page, the element’s reaction to user actions, they show the result of this action. Attract attention while the application or site is loading.

3D Animation is often ordered by architectural companies for their Web pages. Web page animation has three goals:

  • Revive the page
  • Draw attention to something
  • Show something for training purposes

Therefore, we can distinguish three goals for the application of animation:

  • Entertainment
  • Advertising/Business
  • Education

Before you make an order for the development of animation, it is worth considering what the purpose of using this tool is. The spot result determines the nature and form of the data feed. The information presented must be properly prepared and planned, and must also correspond to the way it is broadcast in the external environment.

The careful analysis allows you to determine the criteria by which the most important information is selected for placement in the animation. Only relevant and important data can interest potential customers and partners of the company. If the compilation is done poorly, then no 3D effects and other tricks will attract the necessary attention of the audience.

Process of creating 3D animation

It is difficult to create a picture in one’s imagination and bring it in verbal form. For this, there is an architectural 3D animation. It allows you to create fully realistic videos of architectural forms, helps to create a detailed picture, it contains a huge layer of information.

3D architectural animation is one of the best methods for assessing the appearance of the designed object. This is the process of creating three-dimensional videos based on models of buildings on the basis of drawings provided by the client.

Modern 3D editors contain many tools for creating 3D videos, there are also specialized software products for creating animation with tools for building three-dimensional models. Animation of architectural projects is one of the most powerful tools for achieving goals.

The following points can be mentioned when telling about 3D animation creation very shortly:

Technical Task

Identifying the need of the customer and drawing up the terms of reference for the project


Developing the script and preliminary frame-by-frame visualization of the future video


Choosing the optimal trajectory of movement of objects in the frame and camera flight on a simplified 3D model.

3D Modeling

Finalizing the 3D model, animating it with realistic textures


Getting an animated video from the 3D model


Mounting the video: add screensavers, captions, voiceover, music

Application of 3D animation in architecture

Three-dimensional computer graphics make it possible to embody and animate any pictures, images, and plots, regardless of their complexity and reality with high sharpness, clarity, and photorealism, erasing the line between graphics and video, which differs from standard videos that can only convey objects and animated characters surrounding of reality.

Representatives of large, medium and small businesses, appreciated the marketing advantage of 3D animation. Animated 3D videos are used for advertising, presentations, creation of educational materials, promotion in the media and the Internet. Advertising animation is especially popular today, having proven itself to be one of the best selling advertising types available today. Bright moving images, high-quality audio, and video accompaniment attract and motivate customers and investors.

3D animation and equipment are used in various industries and fields of activity. In each area, ​​3D animation is used in a completely different way. The goals and approach to its implementation are very different.

3D modeling allows interior designers and architects not only to visualize objects, interiors but also to conduct tests with color, textures and the placement of architectural elements or decorative objects. In this sphere, the client cooperates with designers, architectural bureaus or architectural departments, marketing departments of construction companies.

Who are the main customers of “3D architectural animation”? The main customers are construction companies, developers, management companies, advertising agencies, architects. Animation of the interior is ordered by individuals too. 3D animation holds a strong position in the architectural market.

3D video or otherwise called architectural 3D animation is one of the most sought-after products in the field of construction, architecture, and design. In addition, 3D graphics are used by almost all television channels, which emphasizes its importance and effectiveness.

3D animation allows you to show not just a static image of the structure, but how the object will look in a lively, saturated atmosphere and actions of the atmosphere. Also, 3D animation expands the boundaries of creativity, incorporating many interesting cinema techniques.

You have a huge choice of options for submitting projects, it can be either conceptual presentation of the exterior or interior, or more canonical options for presenting architecture – visualization in orthogonal projections: facades, cuts, volumetric layouts, also photorealistic visualization.

It is an original and fresh decision to order an animation clip as a gift because with the help of an animation clip you can not only tell about the past but also hint at the future.

Advantages of 3D Animation

  • Highly informative. The possibility of manipulation with the object, its representation from different sides.
  • The viewer immediately picks up the real proportions of objects, their location in space – and for this, he only needs to look at the picture once.
  • Scenes in the form of 3D animation easily catch and hold attention.
  • Unlike conventional drawings, layouts and other traditional methods of graphic presentation of information, architectural 3D video clips provide an opportunity to accurately display all design ideas, engineering solutions, and design developments. In addition, a significant advantage of this technology is extreme visibility, so that even a person very far from the construction industry can get an idea of ​​the future interior or exterior. The development of three-dimensional animation requires sufficient experience and availability of modern technical resources, so trusting tasks of this kind is recommended exclusively for professionals.

In our production, we offer the client, to go with us several steps in creating an animated video:

  • Determine the type of video, its target audience, and its main task
  • Agree on the idea of ​​the video clip developed by the scriptwriter and creative producer;
  • We develop a script while describing in detail what will happen in each scene. Making a storyboard;
  • We coordinate the visual style in which the animated movie will be performed;
  • We develop an animation project in which we combine all the elements of animation together.
  • Make the final installation of the commercial. We surprise the client with the result, and the client surprises his target audience.

Regardless of what type of graphics you use when creating your video content, we advise you to consider that its effectiveness is largely determined by the original concept, within which interesting and creative images are created.
For the appearance of the proper effect, the advertiser needs to connect highly qualified specialists not only to produce 3D animation but also to generate creative ideas.

In our studio, you can order visualization of your architectural project using 3D graphics and animation. We approach each project creatively, in any video, there should be a creative idea, maybe it will be an advertising one, maybe – a selling one. Perhaps it will be just a “trick” for the investor, which will be able to hook him.

Our services the field of architecture are not limited by any criteria, we provide 3D architectural rollers of projects of various degrees of difficulty, starting with construction of new house, cottage, garden, eco project ending with the new district, the project of park or water park, and many other large and small architectural structures.

3D Architectural animation form ArtLand Studio will help to present your project at a high level, win a tender or attract potential customers. The work experience and professionalism of our company’s employees guarantee the successful implementation of projects. Our advantages are the photorealistic quality of the models and strict observance of the terms, regardless of the complexity and specifics of the order.

There are a lot of works in our portfolio for large companies that we’re satisfied with the high-quality and productive work done on time.

What distinguishes us from competitors: a professional approach to everything we do. For 16 years, we managed to prove ourselves as a successful, purposeful and value company. The works of our specialists are equal in quality to very large world studios.