Active introduction of 3D technologies into commercial spheres has made it possible to achieve great success. This greatly facilitated the work in many industries and allowed them to reach a new level.

Traditional static advertising tools and methods for presenting products and services are ineffective today – more than 68% of marketers agree. Today, 3D-technologies allow creating layouts of objects in a digital format, which greatly improves the convenience and quality of work with the client.

A distinctive feature of interactive presentations is the presence of a unique management system that allows you to look at the information in any sequence, choose to review any fragments of interest.

Such a navigation system, typical of modern Internet sites, makes this type of presentation not only convenient to use but also extremely popular. Depending on the goals and on the client’s request, we can offer one of two types of control systems. The division into species is conditional.

In the first case, you will get a convenient, accessible for any user menu with sections and subsections by analogy with Internet sites, designed to facilitate viewing. Selecting this type of navigation will allow you to embed a large amount of information into the presentation that requires structuring.

If you want to surprise the viewer, then the second, more modern type of control system will suit you more. In this case, navigation is carried out by clicking on the icons, reminiscent of the management interface of the iPod. Fantasy is not limited.

Buttons can be added to the visual range of the presentation itself. For example, by clicking on the developed interactive map, you can go to different regions. But this is not the full potential of interactive presentations. Modern flash technologies allow realizing the most daring ideas.

For effective advancement of architectural and construction projects, large equipment and other objects to customers and investors, we offer the best marketing tool – an interactive 3D presentation.

A 3D presentation is the most modern way to most clearly present your architectural project, future interior or catalog of your goods or services. In front of you, there are truly amazing opportunities to captivate your client and impress his imagination. Give a person the opportunity to go through the future home, ride “with the wind” on a new car or plane, go on a sea voyage on a new yacht or just turn around and look at a new phone or other product from your collection.

And he will definitely be interested in what you are ready to offer him!
When creating an interactive multimedia 3D-presentation or a virtual world, we use a wide range of possibilities that 3D graphics and digital special effects open up before us. Using the most advanced software in its field of development in our work, we are ready to implement the most complex tasks when creating a 3D presentation or virtual worlds.

We can include in your 3D-presentation or the virtual world such elements as:

  • Any 3D models;
  • Difficult landscape with diverse vegetation (trees, bushes, etc.);
  • Ocean, sea;
  • Realistic sky with floating clouds;
  • Day and night;
  • Weather effects (rain, snow, lightning, etc.);
  • Effects based on particle systems;
  • Various glow and mystical effects;
  • Background images in the Matte painting technique or on the basis of photo-panoramas;
  • Animated 3D characters;
  • Videos and photo galleries;
  • Sound and narration;
  • Musical accompaniment.

Creation of 3D interactive presentation

Creating a 3D interactive presentation is a good chance to make yourself known. Presentation is a small video that can tell about your company, its main activities or products and services that the company sells. The presentation contains a number of visual images that are remembered much better than what you see or hear the text.

The unique technology of 3D tours allows to create a 3D model of any object and allows the user to fully consider it sitting near the computer.

An interactive 3D with the use of 3D animation and sound is created by modeling a non-existent object and visualizing with the creation of panoramic viewpoints and the possibility of moving through them.
Development of presentations is a very important and responsible matter.

Here the original approach, the compliance with the style of the company, as well as the images used are important. A company presentation is an opportunity to talk about what your company does.

For example, a computer presentation will be most welcome at a press conference, during a meeting with important partners or at a reception of delegations. Planning to create a company presentation, customers are increasingly stopping at the 3D presentation option.

A 3D presentation, or a three-dimensional presentation, open up significantly greater possibilities compared to a conventional two-dimensional computer presentation. Creating 3D presentations will take more time, but it will pay off one hundred percent. Such a presentation is as close to reality as possible; it is much easier to convey the daily work of your company.

Creating presentations is not only a volume drawing of a picture. Often, when creating presentations, professional photography and video filming are used, individual music accompaniment is written. Thus, a computer presentation ceases to be just a set of slides and turns into a true work of computer art.

The multi-element three-dimensional display method is an effective marketing tool and a convenient option for analyzing the design, construction, location of utilities, lighting and many other factors that are difficult to objectively assess when creating static sketches or drawings.

In addition to the expressed realism and clarity, the architectural 3D presentation provides an opportunity to get comprehensive information on the project and make adjustments, if necessary, before construction or finishing works. The effect of presence, which is implemented in 3D presentations, allows you to present a service or product as profitably as possible.

The potential target audience does not just watch the video but feels itself directly to the participants. Such a presence gives vivid emotions, feelings and, a priori, loyal attitude. The service is especially relevant for developers and construction companies who want to effectively present the prototype of the facility to investors or buyers.

3D presentation of a city or other infrastructure, which they plan to build are no less relevant. The key feature is a demonstrative and vivid presentation that will help to study the subject better than any descriptions.
Creating a 3D interactive presentation takes a lot of effort and enough time to allow the user to move, rotate and scale the model.

Technical capabilities of interactive review

For the production of volumetric interactive presentations, a large number of images are used, which will allow the viewer to perform a circular review as smoothly and naturally as in reality. It is possible to add three-dimensional panorama and virtual tours on the site:

  • interactive map, which shows the viewing angle and direction;
  • selection of certain objects with giving them the necessary properties;
  • cartoon characters and elements
  • interactive management will allow considering the details of interest, maximizing a certain area;

It is possible to order a 3D panorama both for a real-life object in order to attract visitors and for a preliminary project. This is a universal way for a bright, expressive presentation at an affordable cost.

What are the benefits of 3D presentations?

Compared to conventional, 3D presentations have a stronger effect on the mind and subconsciousness of the client, and the effect of their impact, according to marketers, is several times higher.

  • 3D presentations help to more clearly highlight the most important elements of the project on which you need to focus attention.
  • Perceiving complex objects, as well as graphs and diagrams, is better in this format than in the traditional two-dimensional one.
  • 3D presentations make it possible to convey complex technical information about an object, for example, about architectural structures, even to a person who is not an expert in this field.
  • Just one slide of such a presentation allows you to present a large array of information.

Today, interactive 3D presentations are an advanced and effective tool for remote display and demonstration of various real estate objects, cars, interiors and exteriors of premises and much more. Virtual panorama is incomparable with ordinary photography. It allows you to create the effect of full presence and gives you the opportunity to manage the project, examining in detail the objects of interest.

Also, this technology allows you to combine several or more rooms into one project and the ability to move around them. The service from Artland Design Studio is the best solution. It will provide you with:

  • A new format of the material, opportunity to demonstrate the object from different angles in different technical positions and modifications
  • Demonstration of mechanisms, nodes, and workflows
  • Presentation of a variety of landscape solutions in the project by clicking on the functional buttons
  • Interactive process more attracting the attention of viewers during the demonstration
  • Easy access to the presentation – the ability to use on any device without specialized software
  • The opportunity to present the presentation in all languages ​​of the world

In which business 3D interactive presentation can be used

Any businesses that are focused on direct contact with the client need interactive tours. That is those places from the real world where a customer comes to buy a product or service.

  • Display of real estate, including luxury. The ideal tool that allows the client to quickly find the desired option.
  • Hotels, hostels, recreation centers, cottages, cinema halls, etc. It allows to effectively demonstrate the benefits of rest and stop, attracting new customers.
  • Restaurants and cafes. Demonstration of interior spaces and recreation areas.
  • Exhibitions and museums. Will give the user the opportunity to attend the event without leaving the computer.
  • Tourist area. It will help to admire exotic and interesting places, opening picturesque places for sight.
  • Landscape and interior design.
  • Various presentations.
  • And much more.
  • Thus, interactive 3D presentations could find wide application in various spheres of human activity.

ArtLand Design Studio is ready to create from scratch to work on creating a 3D presentation of any complexity. We will design an exciting 3D presentation for any of your purposes according to the drawings or photos.

Your apartment/office or cottage in 3D?

No problem – we can do it!

Do you want to see in real life what your cottage or apartment will look like after renovation?

Do you want to walk around the premises, move things or change the color of the walls, and maybe even take a walk around the house?

If you are a developer of residential/office/production areas or the owner of a hotel, then you just need to present your premises practically live.

Interior 3D Presentation

Interactive models of interiors are becoming increasingly popular, as they allow you to visually demonstrate to customers the design of the purchased or reconstructed space.

3D presentation of the apartment or individual rooms is a way to realistic display of three-dimensional space. You can experience in real-time how the interior will look like at different times of the day.

Such materials are a source of additional information about the project, presented in an accessible and interesting form, which are suitable both for presentation to the customer and for advertising to a potential buyer.

This method of transmitting information is generally more interesting to the viewer and attracts attention.
Interactive 3D allows you to evaluate the architectural and artistic decision of the interior or exterior complex, perceiving the volume holistically with decorative filling and stylistic influence of the elements on each other.

Exterior 3D Presentation

In the field of architecture, interiors, furnishings, the use of 3D for advertising purposes is limited only by your imagination, but not by 3D solutions. 3D Interactive presentations offer:

  • finishing and furnishing of residential and non-residential premises, concert halls, stadiums, etc.
  • architectural solutions
  • interesting objects from the entourage of the film, show, program, computer game
  • chronicles of preparation for the upcoming event (festival, competition, festivities, etc.).
    Artland Design Studio provides all the tools to create an interactive presentation of your architectural project. Stunning visual effects, realistic lighting, and excellent scaling will help to embody any ideas, from interior design to designing objects of a city scale. Physically correct shading, realistic glare from light sources, fast ray tracing in screen space, color gradations and many other advanced techniques allow the designer to show all the details of his project as accurately as possible. You can change the time of day, time of year or weather in one click!