How Our Services Help Real Estate Agencies to Increase Sells

The development of computer technology affects all aspects of human life, including the decision of buying a home. More recently, real estate sellers text ads with the layout of an apartment, a house or a lot in the black and white newspapers. With the advent of the Internet paper “technology” with all its shortcomings is transferred to the network – in spite of the endless possibilities of the Internet buyers of apartments and houses still have to imagine their happy life in a new apartment on the basis of a simple little building plan or, if you’re lucky and housing have been built you will be able to see pre-cast concrete walls.
As a rule, developers use in advertising and promotional materials images (computer graphics) of the constructed object, such as density housing. But it isn’t enough for the buyer to make a decision about buying an apartment in this very complex. The house can be as much as beautiful, but the buyer usually does not see in the photo the surrounding areas, infrastructure, and most importantly – does not have the slightest chance to see how the future home of his dreams will look like, where there will be a large table for noisy family dinners, and which room is for his children. To resolve this difficult situation and to help the client to take the “right” decision only Visualization can!
Today, 3D-models have become commonplace and widely used in real estate. There is no need to talk about their importance to potential buyers: people have the opportunity to see their dream in detail with the help of 3D-model. After all, this is only for engineers, designers and builders that the drawing can tell everything, but for a non-professional lay-out plans and drawings give very little idea of how a living room or a bedroom will look like in his life. The more naturalistic the future object looks, the more the future tenants like it, and сonsequently the easier it is to him to take a positive decision about the purchase. Today, the direction of creating an analog of computer game has become especially popular when the buyer has the opportunity to apply online interior: to move from room to room, opening any door, to use several options for floor finishes, to paint the walls, etc…

Main weapon of Real Estate Sales Managers

Psychologists in marketing believe in the fact that when potential buyers are beginning to play with their apartment, they begin to fall in love with it. Pictures later repeatedly are beeing examined, discussed with friends, with family members… Accordingly, the probability that the person will return for the purchase, increases many times.
For visualization of objects in the real estate a wide range of advanced technologies and tools are used that allow a potential customer to “try on” the apartment and to imagine his life and the level of comfort in the future apartment, to understand whether to buy it or not.
This kind of visualization has long been successfully operating in the online sales of clothes and shoes, beeing in this sphere some sort of an industry standard. Vivid examples are Amazon sites, ASOS, Zappos and others that allow us to consider the future of the dress or shoes in the smallest details in the photo, even sometimes in video. With the help of a competent rendering customer’s satisfaction buying index is growing steadily, but the percentage of returns of goods tends to zero!
There is a whole set of tools in the visualization of a real estate – from 3D-planning to excursions upon the project with the help of virtual reality helmets.
One may start with the 3D-planning – computer simulated “photographs” of apartments and houses. This is the most simple, fast and non-inexpensive and at the same time very effective visualization tool of the future of  housing.
Depending on the type of property and target audience for which you are preparing the materials various types of 3D-planning are used. They generally, differ in the way  the object is portrayed.

Where 3D visuals are used

As a rule, real estate agents use 3D-visuals to place them on their website or the website of the housing estate. However,  such a beautiful lay-out can find a place on the pages of the developers,  in social networks, brochures, which sales departments work with, and even in newsletters to potential buyers. If you make a few improvements or copyright layouts in different styles for one object, it will help the buyer to see the variants for the use of space and interior design already on the search for housing stage and, of course, will encourage him to buy exactly your object.

 3D-visuals simple, fast and affordable

Now the question arises, and what does it take to make a 3D-visual? Ideally, you need three components:

▪ designer with relevant competencies
▪ construction planning of the projects with the designation of the premises
▪ a short period of time to give us to render your projects

Our visuals primarilly will help and allow to create a reference point for all stakeholders to avoid mistakes in the construction in general.
3D-rendering and visualization in general is not something extravagant from the distant future, which today can be seen only in the overseas exhibitions. Today it is an available applied presentation tool for housing sold, which allows the buyer to imagine his future life in it, and actually increases sales.

“Art Land” Design Studio, offering their services for 3D rendering and visualization of different products and properties, helps its clients in promoting their businesses, creating a high-quality three-dimensional image. The state of experts working here is composed of competent and experienced staff, who love and know their business well.

Here every customer is guaranteed a quality service to suit all requirements. After all, the team’s goal is to win the trust of customers, good references and constant cooperation. Lead times are always clearly specified and shall work on time, in spite of the weekend and holidays.