How Our Services Can Help Builders

Your customer has no time to study the technical documentation and wait for the end of construction? He prefers to have a visual idea of what he invests his funds in? For this you should apply for our services of three-dimensional visualization. It gives the opportunity to see the object of investment in the bulk form at the time of its design.

Architectural visualization is divided into two components:
Visualization of interiors;
Visualization of exteriors.

In recent years, it is difficult to imagine the construction of an elite residential complex or a business complex without the three-dimensional visualization. 3D visualization helps to introduce the buildings in their real-life appearance and final scope to the customer of the construction at the very beginning of the work  – at the design stage.
Once visualization used to be the main stage of the project for builders and constructors, who wanted to see in advance the result of their work in a reduced form. Now, increasingly, customers of the buildings  themselves begin to turn to our services with a request to create visualization models.
Professional 3D visualization is able to recreate in detail the construction of an object in three-dimensional shape. This was made possible thanks to the introduction of new programs in engineering and technology.
Our 3D visualization services allow to evaluate all the pros and cons of the object being created even on the projecting phase and, if necessary, make adjustments or corrections to the construction work. This makes it possible to more efficiently promote such a property on the market, since cases of unforeseen circumstances are almost completely excluded. Even before the start of the construction architectural 3D visualization will give you detailed information about the object: color scheme, transport accessibility, landscaping level, significant specific points, the interaction with the surrounding objects, evening lighting.

How it works?

3D-rendering is a fascinating process and it is certainly worthwhile. Since the project simulation is performed in the virtual space, in order to obtain a real, three-dimensional image builders need to know a secret. And this knowledge is based on the following 3 main important object properties:

▪ lighting;
▪ texturing;
▪ visualization

We create photorealistic images of any building and construction, embedding it in the panorama  of urban development, with the help of computer 3D modeling tools based on existing drawings. The result is a picture, video clip or an interactive map that allows you to see the object from all sides to conduct a tour of the residential area or to consider and “inhabit” the interior of the apartment to the last detail, taking into account the lighting and other nuances. New technologies in 3D using game engines provide an unprecedented opportunity for the customer and builders to visually assess the future of space, to study the details with the navigation, to discuss and agree on the changes. It turns out that you can edit the building long before the launch of his drawings on paper. 3D visualization usefulness for builders lies in the fact that it allows you to see the building, neighborhood or gated development before the start of construction. And the solution of construction investors, government or final buyers may depend on how high quality and beautiful rendering is fullfilled.

Our team will help you to fulfill the following missions:

▪ Our 3D visuals will help the builders for the approval of an idea, as well as for the further approval of the future construction project by the customer. You find customers for your buildings, while you are constructing it, or even long before you sturt construction works.

▪ If your client needs to see what his building or other construction will look like on a given area of ground, allocated for construction, as well as to select the correct location for the construction.

▪ Builders, who are looking for investors for constructions. It is difficult to explain to investors about the attractiveness of the planned construction, but supporting the technical drawings with gorgeous photorealistic 3D renderings, emphasizing all the advantages of the project, the investor is likely to agree to invest his money into your project.

▪ Using 3D presentations helps to emphasize that the company, which is engaged in the conduct of the construction or design of the project, has a high level of professionalism and keeps pace with the times, successfully applying new technologies and latest developments in all areas of its activity

What you get as a result?

You will get excellent photo-realistic images, you will be able to see fully how your building will look like in the future, and will be able to evaluate design decisions and maybe to remove or add something.  Images can be used wherever and however you like – brochure, banner, advertisement in the media, presentation on a flash drive, etc.  We provide the best value for money and quality of 3d rendering: because we use cutting-edge software and keep track of all the innovations in this rapidly evolving field; because we have many years of experience and more than a hundred completed projects in the field of 3D modeling and visualization; because our employees have higher architectural education and understand tasks full of your ideas with semi words. For a complete success you not only need to develop a good project that meets all the needs, but also the confidence to submit it to the customer and the more to the investor.

We provide architectural 3D visualization of objects such as:

▪  Residential buildings: a house, a complex of apartment buildings, settlement of cottages, country house;
▪  Commercial real estate: office building (business center), hotel, showroom, retail and entertainment center;
▪  Industrial purpose projects;
▪  Elements of improvement and infrastructure.

What kind of materials are needed for architectural 3D visualization?

We need your facility drawings (plans, elevations, sections), the general plan of the area, photos of similar buildings, sketches, anything that can help to understand your ideas. The more data we have, the more accurate and detailed the architectural visualization of the building.