It is well known how important visualization in the design and its role of report to the user via visual photorealistic images is. But what if a series of static images is not enough? What if the customer wants a greater sense of presence and volume than 2D bitmap images? The answer to this question is using an interactive 3D panorama technology. This representation allows seeing three-dimensional visualization of the picture by using the virtual camera, turning it and watching for any point around at 360 degrees, as well as having the ability to zoom in and out.
Panoramic photography is a photo which has a large viewing angle.
3D 360° panorama is a great way to highlight your business and to show it in the most attractive, modern and original way. Visitors of the site, your future customers are sure to appreciate the 3D panorama, as a contribution to the development of business. After all, the virtual panorama is a new, promising and actively developing field.

Often simple digital cameras have a panorama mode. This is not exactly what we need. Most often, manufacturers of photographic equipments under the panorama simply mean a stretched horizontally shot. That is to say, ordinary image is cropped from top and bottom. It is a kind of imitation of panoramic photos. Ability to rotate 360 degrees gives a complete overview of premises or of an object. It is as if the person was actually in the room.
3D Panorama allows you to watch 360 degrees, bringing some of the objects to get a better look. And time is not limited.

Scientists have proved that people perceive visually most of the information (about 87%). If on your site there is not enough visual information, or it is of poor quality, then that person is not your client. He will go to competitors. With the help of this novelty your clients would be able to turn the pictures around, and see every detail you offer them.  A large number of companies in the US, Europe, China and Asia had already used a new way of presenting their business in the form of 3D 360° panoramas. Today it is the best way to represent space and advertise goods and services.

3D panoramas can be extremely useful for those who keep up with the times, don’t remain short of progress and strive to conduct their business and advertise non-standard and most modern way. Many successful companies allocate large budgets just on this innovative advertising technology.

The scope of the 3D panorama is very wide. 3D 360° panorama, which attracts attention and arouses interest of almost any person (regardless of age and social status) will find its place in many areas of modern life.

The advantages of 3D panorama can serve many spheres:

3D spherical panoramas using 360° panoramic projection and interactive control is a modern and efficient form of space presentation. The main area for the virtual tours placement is the online space, but 3D panorama extends to offline media – discs with virtual tours of various attractions, training materials, outdoor advertising and other types of presentations.

▪ Real estate agencies, construction and development companies:

Virtual panoramas have such a high ability to reflect the reality that almost can replace the actual (physical) object. Your site visitor gets the opportunity to evaluate the advertised object you own, at any time convenient to him, from the comfort of his own office or home. Your employees will not have to spend time on the display of objects and describe in detail all the advantages of this or that flat, for example. In many cases, instead of them 3D panorama will wonderfully do it. This will allow to reduce the number of employees and pay more attention to real customers who make a purchase decision.

3D 360° panorama gives an idea about the size and layout of even small spaces (bathroom, closet, balcony), what is extremely difficult to make on simple photos.

▪ Hotels, rest houses, sanatoriums, day spas, restaurants, children centers:

3D panorama is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your potential clients and guests the decoration and comfort of your hotel or restaurant, location and equipment of rooms, gyms, as well as the beauty of the surrounding area.

▪ Travel and tour business

According to the Harris Interactive research company, one of the most important factors when choosing a vacation spot or a visit is just visual information. 73% of respondents replied that they choose a place of leisure and tourism on the Internet. And of these, 69% said that the most important information needed to make a final decision is visual information – photos and virtual tours or better video. 59% of respondents said 3D 360° panoramas are useful or even very useful in choosing a site visit or a holiday.

▪ World Famous Destinations, Cities:

Data centers and urban sites can be equipped with 3D panoramas. They help tourists and visitors to find their way in the city, will show the most interesting routes and attractions (streets, parks, squares, buildings and monuments).

▪ Historic and cultural attractions, museums, exhibitions:

Virtual tours, visits of interiors of castles, historic buildings is a good advertising, attracting visitors as well as the opportunity to demonstrate the premises and the exhibits that, for whatever reasons, can not be represented to real visitors.

▪  Shops, shopping malls

360° panorama will allow you to show the customer a wide range of products and layout of your store.

▪ Vehicle (cars, yachts), motor vehicle manufacturers, car dealerships:

With the help of the 3D panoramas a buyer can view the interior of the selected machine even before visiting the salon. Virtual panorama allows displaying even interiors with a very limited size. In addition to auto salons services and companies involved in design of car interiors can advertise their product using 3D panoramas.

As can be seen, the technology of 3D 360° panoramas can be used in many areas and sectors, the above list can be continued.