How Our Services Can Help Designers

– You are a designer, and you strive to fully demonstrate all the facets of your talent?
– You want your client to admire not only the magnificent appearance of their future home, but also “take a walk” in his room, appreciate the play of light and shadow, and well thought-out interior comfort, refinement of the situation?
– You want to “translate” into the reality any object that exists so far only in your imagination (fireplace, a vase, a booth for your favorite dogs, fountain, sport car, etc.), to understand how it will look like in reality?
– Your client is a businessman who needs to witness the product before it goes on the conveyor belt? And then you wish to effectively hand a novelty? To hand so that no one has a doubt  it is the best product on the market.
– You are just tired of working in the old way? Then get off archaic sketches and projects! It’s high time to apply for our 3D-visualization services – the only way to show everyone what you can do!
3D visualization is becoming increasingly popular when ordering a repair or renovations to the premises. The creation of an interesting, spectacular, unique and at the same time functional interior and construction of an exterior starts with the painstaking work of the designer in front of his computer. But this is already a work time, and the most important begins with meeting a client and discussing his wishes, requirements, inspection and measuring of facilities. Very often the client himself does not know what kind of interior he wants. This fact is due to the fact that an average person does not understand all the intricacies of stylistic solutions.
When the project is finished, and the design specialist is ready to present it to the customer, he needs to take care of how to present it. Today, to demonstrate versions of the design space to the client 3D visualization is using. Our company offers this service to every customer who wants to create or transform the interior or the exterior of the dwelling.
The use of our 3D visuals allows designers to show the customer how his flat, cottage or house will look renovated. At this stage, the project is subject to any changes – and these changes are immediately reflected on the screen. So this is the most convenient way to “try on” a particular design option, choose the optimal color scheme, furniture arrangement, its composition, texture, combination of elements, etc.
Our company incarnates the most complex and challenging ideas in visualising the design and creation of unique interiors and exteriors. Rendering visuals of a design we rely on the most important things – this is the correct and harmonious arrangement of the facilities, color selection and layout of utilities, a comfortable and aesthetic home furnishing – the key to a good mood everyday. Creating visuals of a design of the interior and exterior, starting with the 3D-design to the selection of objects and decor space is the final and the most interesting part of the job. The best result is achieved when experts of one company are involved with everything from the beginning to the end.

The advantages of using  3D-technology in the screening of design

Today, in the era of advanced technology, visualization has become an integral step in the architectural design. If you are used to plan all the details and want to see a realistic picture of what will be your interior like in the future – we will be happy to help realize this desire.
To turn to 3D rendering services or not the customer decides, but its use has the following advantages:
▪ Creating a three-dimensional design allows to imagine optimally the final result of the work of designers and decorators;
▪ By creating  3D visuals, you can control how the work carried out meets agreed upon earlier specifications;
▪ If necessary to make changes to the project, they can be immediately projected on the screen and their strengths and weaknesses are evaluated;
▪ View all the details of the solution with the help of high-quality 3D-video;
Our team members will assist designers in performing lighting of 3D-objects with the help of simulation of natural sources of light, such as sun rays, and artificial ones, like light bulbs, candles, fireplace, etc… To make this coverage similar to a real one, our professionals take into account the location of the light source, the brightness, the light reflectivity of objects, and other functional detailes. Our services are to help designers avoid situations when the final result does not meet his customer’s expectations: the wallpaper is not of the wnated color, the furniture is not comfortable, the sofa is not of the form. Visualization of a design project is a great opportunity to avoid these annoying to the customer and to the executor situations. Your client will watch a 3D developed model of the room  and understand – that’s such an interior waiting him in the result. Subsequently, will only need to wait until the computer visualization will be implemented in reality.
The final image of the interior contains all the basic elements: tables, cupboards, sofa, TV set, and more – all what your client would like to see at his home or office, in the case of office space, historical sites, shopping and commercial areas. As a result, a kind of photo image of your customer’s dream is being created based on your detailed descriptions, pictures and drawings, which is about to be incarnated… Only a professional can connect together functionality and stylish solution.
Garantee of model quality and style
We work with 3D-designers in different fields, architectural modeling, product design, styling and so on. Design and architecture is only the 50% of the creation. The rest have borders and frames such as budgets, tastes, time allotted for the project and other constraints. Some projects can achieve more, others less. In spite of this, we try anyway to find solutions that will decorate the object, will show it in a more favorable light. No matter what we’re working at.