3D Realistic Character Design

For many years artists have depicted the volume, but the canvas, on which they painted, has always been two-dimensional, and the object could be viewed only from one angle. With the development of technology, significantly more opportunities appeared in the field of modeling.

With the help of computer programs, 3D models can be built, which more visually represent objects and even the surrounding area: “Everything that exists, in reality, can be created in the virtual world, using the right combination of software and talent of the artist.”

Creating 3D Character with Art Land. What you gain:

  1. Memorable image, which will increase the popularity of your brand and products.
  2. Communication with the customer because brand character can be sent to a variety of activities.
  3. Love of consumers of different generations.
  4. Difference from competitors and increase awareness.
  5. The increase in the company’s profits.

Three-dimensional characters – one of the main attributes, without which it is difficult to imagine a modern media project.
Nowadays, no modern film or computer game can do without three-dimensional graphics. The Occupation of 3D-artist is demanded as never before. To begin to create three-dimensional graphics, it is necessary to have an idea about the basic tools (3D editors), and production stages (pipelines) of 3D models.
As we all know, the media industry, in its current stage of development, includes a whole group of directions, and three-dimensional characters are used in each of them. In the film industry, three-dimensional characters can be used as digital doubles of real actors, as well as to create beings that in real life do not exist. In TV spots three-dimensional characters can be protagonists and they advertise a product or service. In computer games, the characters need to populate the game world. The three-dimensional, animated cartoon characters are protagonists, followed by the audience who knows the history that these characters live.

Realistic 3D Characters
Realistic 3D models in appearance are almost indistinguishable from photographs. However, like any other computer graphics object, they have a number of significant advantages. For example, such a model on the screen will do whatever you wish. An important advantage of 3D models is that you can begin to advertise the goods long before they see the light. This will allow you to find new investors and gain a broader sector of the market.
Three-dimensional computer graphics has become an integral part of the modern media industry. Almost every media product (presentation, video, animated video, video game, film projects, etc.) is created using three-dimensional graphics capabilities. Often, protagonists in these media products are characters. They can be people, animals, plants, and various creatures, equipment (such as robots), and sometimes even objects that are not living in the real world (such as furniture, household appliances, or electronics). Three-dimensional graphics allows us to breathe life into each of them thanks to the possibilities of three-dimensional animation. But before the animator will make the object “come to life”, it must be invented and designed.

So where does the development of these characters begin?
10 years ago, the process was very simple and linear. Now it has a lot of nuances and features that are primarily determined by what the character will be used for in the future and what type of industry it will be relevant. The rapid development of computer hardware and software to work with three-dimensional models has played a huge role in this diversity of technologies and methods for the development of three-dimensional characters.
For example, the process of creating a 3D character for the film industry differs from the development of the same character for a computer game. At the same time, even in a movie, the same character can be generated in different ways, depending on what task he will perform in the project.

Let’s distinguish the following industries:
– film production
– advertising and television
– computer games
– animated films

Many steps involved in creating a 3D character are similar in a particular industry, and many are completely different, but the same is one step for all the directions – the idea and the creation of an image of the character.

You need a 3D Character for your brand

Brand character is a character with individual looks, character, and habits, with which the brand communicates with consumers. Corporate company character helps it stand out from the competition and attract customers. He is the “face” of the brand on par with the name and logo. To create a character images of people, animals, plants, imaginary beings, and inanimate objects are used. Each brand has its own character and easily recognizable identity. This helps to personalize the brand and the target audience best remembers him.

Brand character is used to promote products and services in different areas. It can demonstrate the advantage of the brand and how it differs from the competition. Brand character is created by taking into account the characteristics of the target audience contributes to the emotional involvement of the buyer.

The information submitted by the character’s face causes interest and sympathy. Communication with the character, for many consumers, is more comfortable than with a faceless company. Information about the brand, resulting in a form of a game is well-perceived by people. For example, to make contact with consumers, Procter & Gamble company opened a social networking profile of the character Mr. Proper. On behalf of the character, the company talks about the news of the brand and communicates with customers.

Corporate character helps to form a positive image of the company. For example, many people do not like insurance companies, because they are associated with unpleasant situations. British insurance company Churchill decided to improve the image by ordering the development of corporate character. The English bulldog became it. It symbolizes the friendliness of the company, its responsibility, and its willingness to help at any moment. Cheerful dogs caused a positive emotional response and attracted customers.

The development of a 3D realistic character requires a complex solution. Contact Art Land Design Studio which will create a 3D realistic character for you and make your work unforgettable.