3D Animation

Animation in 3D in its principle is very similar to the work of the traditional animation when an artist draws the key poses of the character and his subordinate artists fill intermediate frames by drawing appropriate figure transformations…
Determination of the traditional hand-drawn animation can be as follows: “technical methods of producing moving images, illusion of motion and/or change of different objects shape”. This determination completely fits 3D animation. It’s rather correct to tell, that 3D animation is movement and transformations automation of 3D model in the space over the time.
Actually, 3D animation is a complex multi-component imaging method used in the creation of different targeting videos, web sites, computer games and multimedia presentations.
The possibilities of an animation video are almost limitless, because it allows you to show even non-existent objects from all angles, for example, not yet constructed buildings.
The process of rendering as if follows the camera, which the visualizer adjusts. In most architectural walkthrough animations the camera can follow a certain path, camera may also be static, but in this scene objects move (sometimes both move). Camera – is the point of observation of the scene. Camera can be configured as a real. This creates a strong effect of presence and even effect of participation.
Art Land carries out animated videos of any complexity and orientation. One of the most demanded services of the studio is architectural 3D animation. It is a process of spectacular detailed visualization of as existing houses and buildings and houses that are still in the project.

To help the Architectural Business
3D Architectural Walkthrough Animation would help the client 100% to see and appreciate the appeal of your object. When viewing a user can travel closer to certain objects, move from one room to another.
Photo limits the review of an object, the video shows a certain time.
Architectural 3D animation allows you to visually present the advantages of work to the potential customers and to demonstrate the appearance and internal arrangement of the building after the project implementation to investors. Such opportunities are provided only by animated video, so the number of customers ordering creation of 3D animations in our studio is constantly growing. Now any visitor of the site can navigate through his future country house. This is a great opportunity for those who are unable to travel to the destination and get an idea of the object. Investors viewing the 3D walkthrough, will be able to familiarize themselves with the equipment, production process and technology not “sullying shoes” and being at the office somewhere in another country. Thus, even before the commencement of construction, the customer will be able to properly and effectively present the project. Thanks to 3D Architectural Walkthrough Animation now it has become possible!

Fields where 3D animation is applied
It is difficult to imagine the areas in which 3D animation is not used. Interactive computer graphics is becoming more affordable and popular means of human-computer interaction. Knowing the basics of computer graphics and the ability to use them in the simplest household level are integral elements of literacy and culture of a modern man. Computer games, electronic education, art, business, science and many other industries today go ahead thanks to 3D animation.
Animations are advertising appeals which provide new and unique opportunities for marketing. Help of visuals paves the way for the creation of unique and memorable images of the goods and services. With the development of modern technologies of graphics it became possible to order animated videos for commercial purposes.
What caused their high marketing potential? Colorful and catchy animations attract attention and cheer up.
Visual, informational, capacious with a small amount and having a high quality 3D walkthrough will open your production with a new, more favorable side. The effect of presence will allow partners, potential investors and customers (buyers) to feel part of the production and to make positive choices in your favor.

To convey to the consumer
Product Presentation
is a very effective advertising and information move, one of the most effective ways communication links expansion. Simple conversation, public appeal to potential consumers, do not give such a noticeable result, as the creation of presentations, where photo, video, and audio materials are used.

Product Presentation – way to stimulate sales.

You should not only have a posh office, a beautiful logo, and sonorous name of the company, you also need to properly, competently teach and convey to the consumer a whole lot of services offered by your product. This makes the presentation of the goods. You can every time go to the grocery store on an empty stomach. Because they will feed! Calls to try sausages, cheese, yogurt, milk, tea, coffee will not leave somebody indifferent. The demonstrations, tastings, competitions, staged scenes, promotions, exhibitions, shows, screens with video advertising, distribution of free product samples (sampling). Likewise happens in 3D animation. Presentation films about your product functions will be a sort of calling card, this video card will allow a short time to convey the most important information about the product features, to acquaint with its history, leadership, mission and ideology. It is much more efficient to make a series of short presentations for each specific provided function, so the user will have a chance to watch the movie to the end. Making presentation films with a guarantee distinguishes your product from competitors, effectively reflects the corporate image and attracts people interested in cooperation.

You are given the following advantages:

  • to show your product from a favorable angle;
  • to ensure presentation with maximum information (of which material it is created, what kind of features and benefits, etc.);
  • to present and profitably sell a product due to the possibility of eye contact with the customer without having to travel;
  • to attract buyers and investors in your following projects;
  • to clearly report on the work done.