Most of the advertisements on television or on the Internet are 3D commercials. Thanks to 3D animation, any product can be depicted much brighter and juicier, to realize any plots, where the laws of physics exist.

Movies with animated characters have already become part of the culture and ordinary videos can not compete with them. Programs for creating animations are complex software, which is why you should order 3D videos from specialists if you want the ad to be really catchy and memorable.

3D animation is a modern direction of animation that allows you to create three-dimensional spatial models (3D models) and scenes with a high degree of photorealism. Often, 3D animation is used to render objects that either do not exist yet (houses under construction, projected equipment, etc.) or which cannot be shot.

Computer games, commercials, electronic presentations – all this and much more is unthinkable without the use of 3D technologies. High-quality 3D-animation can not only attract the attention of the audience, but also make the complex things understandable, show something that does not yet exist in a simple accessible and effective form.

Currently, 3D-animation is becoming increasingly popular not only in the video advertising market, where 3D technologies are used in almost every second commercial, but also in multimedia presentations of enterprises, investment project visualization, and websites.

3D animation of products is the opportunity to get a more entertaining and interesting video product that will be actively used in creating commercials for any business purposes. In their work, artists use software products such as Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, 3D Studio MAX, which allow you to perform the most seemingly impossible tasks. Animation effects make the movie more dynamic, easier to read and more natural.

3D animation creation of the movie occurs in stages:

  • a script is being written
  • the audience is determined
  • plot and storyboard are written
  • color range of a roller is selected, general style is created
  • characters are created
  • all elements are combined into a common project
  • music is superimposed, the sound is produced, a video is mounted.

3D animation is a unique opportunity to create your unique world. You will find an exciting creative process with the participation of professionals.

Today, the creation of 3D animation is a quite popular multimedia product, which is also cost-effective. Computer programs came in place of expensive equipment. The appearance of special effects canceled the selection of scenery and actors.

Visual marketing is firmly in the lead when it comes to promoting a business. And an animated movie can surely be called the most effective tool for it. It’s no secret that the visualization of information facilitates its perception.

Animated video today is a must-have for any company. It is desirable that the video is creative, even if it tells about a large company or reveals serious questions. A distinctive feature of the drawn clips is the ability to present information from the face of any character, even the directly promoted product “animated” with the help of animation.

Corporate video for the company

Companies wanting to remember their brand or product order creatively professionally filmed presentation or commercials. For more effective clips, video animation and 3D-graphics are successfully applied. As a result, the format and quality of the resulting video correspond to the conditions of viewing and broadcasting.

3D animation can be adapted to show on TV channels, distribute on DVD media, show at exhibitions, view on media devices. Features of 3D animation allow you to impose pop-up text, a running line and many other effects on the video. Effects unobtrusively introduce additional information about the customer, his company or services.

Establish partnerships. By ordering the production of a corporate film, you will solve another strategic task: finding new business partners. In 3-4 minutes you can not only give all the necessary information about the company, its product line, production technologies, and quality control conditions but also generate trust and sympathy for you and your business, without which it is impossible to imagine effective cooperation.

Presentation at events. The format of exhibitions and congresses involves the performance of business representatives in front of a large audience. How to cause genuine keen interest among the auditorium in towards the topic of the performance, and in one short presentation to find new customers and partners among this auditorium? And once again, corporate video development comes to the rescue.

Employee motivation and corporate culture presentation. A corporate video is one of the most powerful tools with which you can unite people, explain company values, create and maintain a corporate culture, and motivate you to do a good job. You can achieve these goals, for example, every year by shooting an animated video about work results, about the best employees, etc.

Training. Making a 3D corporate film is great for educational purposes.

Classification of 3D video depending on the complexity of production

By their complexity, 3D clips can be divided into the following groups:

Simple. Used for “dry” product advertising. They do not have characters and complex animation effects, but all the advantages of the product are demonstrated. The main goal is to inform customers. Such videos are often used to advertise household appliances.

Video screensavers. They can be seen in cinemas before the film or on television in front of the news. Their main function is to visually separate the content being presented, so characters are also rarely used here, but there can already be various complex special effects.

Combination of video with animation. The famous “Garfield” is not a cartoon, but a film with an animated character.

Staged or game. There is already a plot, and characters. The purpose of these clips is not just advertising of a product, they are aimed at ensuring that the person captured the image of a funny and bright character and it was easy for him to identify the brand by character. Such videos are the most expensive, but this is the best advertisement. If the characters still sing some catchy song, it will remain in the consumer’s head for a long time, even if he has seen the advertisement only once.

Animated 3D videos are suitable for:

  1. Animations of characters that personify the company. Many foods and beverage brands have their “animated actors.” For example, Nesquik has a big-eared bunny, M & M’s has a talking candy, and Bonduelle has running and jumping pea. This is very convenient when you need to create unique characters. Also, sometimes they look even more alive than real actors and are remembered much faster.
  2. Visualization of concepts, abstract or invisible things. At the presentation of many medical studies, 3D videos with the effect of viruses on body cells that a person cannot see with their own eyes are shown. Also, in theoretical physics there is the concept of “event horizon” – we will never see this horizon, but this concept can be modeled using 3D animation.
  3. Unusual places where there are specific own laws of physics. When characters move with super speed or end up on the moon, it looks very impressive and causes a stunning impression on the audience.
  4. Commercials that are not so easy to be shot on a video camera, for example, life inside a Coca Cola machine, yogurt rivers with fruit pieces. Here everything is limited only by the imagination of artists.
  5. Representation of the concepts of things. Before releasing any product, its prototype is prepared. Of course, the easiest way to do it is without the expenses of materials for its construction. 3D animation is used to represent the ideas of any product, from yogurt cups to cars and entire cities.

Animated video will increase the conversion if it was created taking into account some important points. The video created carelessly, with insufficient professionalism, not only does not bring the desired effect but can also cause significant damage to the company’s image.

For sure to avoid getting low-quality video, you should trust the creation of a video to a reliable studio, which has experience in this field and positive customer reviews. The price of an animation clip varies depending on its complexity. However, the cost of most animated videos is available even for small companies.

  • Animated videos deserve their popularity for the fact that they are:
  • Dynamic, non-standard and this attracts the interest of the viewer.
  • They allow you to tell a lot in a short time, without overworking the audience and holding their attention.
  • Can talk about everything you can draw, or is possible to be drawn.
  • Require less energy and resource than staged videos
  • Able to influence the emotions of the audience through the use of hand-drawn characters.
  • An unusual story with a hint of humor is remembered for a long time.
  • Universal – they can be played on any device.

With the help of animated videos, you can easily tell viewers about your company, product or idea. The drawn clip causes associations with watching cartoons in childhood, which contributes to the appearance of positive emotions and increases the credibility of the company.

Features of production of 3D commercials

Animation allows you to profitably distinguish the product among other offers. 3D rollers most of all surprise with unusual special effects that are difficult to implement with the usual drawing. Moreover, in contrast to the frame-by-frame animation, where every 1/24-1/ 30 second is a separate drawing, everything is much simpler, and therefore faster.
Unlike video filming, 3D animation does not limit the artist at all and allows you to realize any plot plans. In such advertising, not only people but also animals, moreover, even washcloths and detergents, can walk, think and talk. It is always of interest not only for children but also for adults who also love cartoons.

Stages of creating 3D animated videos

This technology is very complicated, but if you talk briefly, the production process looks like this. First, concept art is drawn (in any way), using these drawings to create a three-dimensional geometry of the model, then – the textures that are put on the shape of the character or object.

Next, the bones of the object are created and attached to the form, so that the form could move. Animators receive a prepared model for the movements and begin to revive it.

The better the model is prepared, the more natural and flexible it’s movements will be. After creating the animation, the scene is visualized (translated from 3D into a regular image). Vivid examples of such animation are the cartoons of the Pixar studio.

Pixar Studio has become famous throughout the world because it creates not just ordinary children’s cartoons, but real masterpieces in which adults find no less for themselves than children do.

You can dislike minions or cartoons about them, shout about moral decline and how IT can exist in the same world in which Pixar cartoons exist. However, minions have gripped a huge audience worldwide.

Stage 1 – preparatory

At this stage, the scriptwriters and marketers come up with a plot for the video, trying through it most accurately convey the main advantages of the product, its idea. A “draft” of the video is created – based on the developed illustrations and the script, they sketch the video in the form of an animatic (brief presentation).

Stage 2 – direct development

After approval by the customer, the animators “enliven” the characters, add decorations and special effects. There is a voice acting, adding sound effects and musical accompaniment.

Stage 3 – Completion

Small details are improved, the sound series is corrected, signatures, the brand logo is added, etc.

3D animation examples

image site about something

The most illustrative example from the practice of 3D rendering is an image site about something, for instance, about the largest aluminum manufacturer.

Special projects created with modern animation techniques turn out to be unique in their kind. Such a site consists entirely of animation in the form of “3D-rooms”.

Each section of the site, like the exhibition hall of a museum, is dedicated to a specific topic, revealing the issues of history, production and use of metal in full and thereby gain the interest of the audience, and behind it – its trust.

For example, the process of aluminum production can be presented in an animated illustration format, and important milestones in the history of the industry – through a visual timeline. In the “Production” section 3D designer can show how the metal is cast into ingots and aluminum ingots are made.

Animation underlies the whole concept of the resource and fulfills its main task – it forms in the mind of the user the idea of ​​the aluminum as an important and necessary for humanity metal, an environmentally friendly product.

a video presentation

Probably everyone has seen a video presentation of a new residential architectural complex or a cottage town. The architecture is only in development, and the video can be created with the help of 3D animation, to look at the “live” on future construction.

Architectural animation is a video that includes several episodes of camera movement with imitation of the movement of people, cars and other objects.

A dynamically built residential complex is a model of the modern town-planning policy of the developer. In such a work high availability of parking spaces, integrated landscaping can be depicted.

In the structure of the complex, there may be service facilities, shops, pharmacies, a private kindergarten. Nearby there may be an entire social infrastructure of a school, kindergartens, fitness center, markets. In the production of such architectural 3D animation presentations, the most modern technical means are used.

target audience

The product, which main target audience is children, is advertised with the help of cheerful colorful characters. They are usually used for advertising chocolates, breakfast cereals, sweet snacks and, of course, toys.

Games on smartphones are played by both adults and children. Therefore, the rollers are made as vivid as possible to attract the attention of potential consumers. In advertising one of the most popular games of Clash of Clans, a lot of special effects are used and there are individual characters.

Despite this, the movie is quite serious, because the game is played more by adults.

Unique special effects

Braun’s electric shaver commercial has no talking characters, but its target audience is adult men. 3D animation allowed to demonstrate what is impossible to see with the naked eye. Unique special effects and the corresponding scale make advertising extremely dynamic and impressive.

advertising characters

It is unlikely that someone is waiting for billions of dollars in profits from the creation of advertising characters.

However, they perform another, no less responsible role – promotion of brand or product, increasing its popularity and consumer loyalty. For such characters, they do not build a background in the form of cartoons or comics, at best, we see them in the commercial, and at worst – from the packaging of the goods.

Creating a character brand, you need to attract an audience with only one appearance while adhering to some marketing tasks that differ depending on the brand or product.

Do you know the pink bunny advertising Duracell batteries? The pink bunny first appeared in the early 70s in a Duracell ad. It used the method which is canonical now: a comparison of a rabbit moving under the action of Duracell batteries with toys using batteries from other brands.

3D commercials took a leading position among other videos for two important reasons. Firstly, they do not limit artists to “earthly” conditions and there is an opportunity to realize even the craziest ideas.

Secondly, such advertising looks brighter, livelier, more attractive and causes a greater interest in the audience. Also, all adults are still children at the bottom of their hearts, who get tired of seriousness and dullness at work, want to see something colorful and beautiful. Nothing here can do better than 3D animation.