3D visualization is the creation of a bright, realistic three-dimensional model or virtual layout of an object that does not yet exist or which is difficult to be reproduced with high quality means Very often in advertising we need to show an object or object that is almost impossible to photograph beautifully or that exists so far only in the form of a drawing or sketch.

Not every person has an innate imagination and very often cannot even imagine and even less demonstrate to others what his product will actually look like.

The ideal solution for cool advertising was the ability to create 3D visualizations of objects. ArtLand Studio creates perfect 3D visualizations that “liven up” any object making it understandable.

What is 3D visualization?
The name 3D has long been familiar to everyone, and in advertising 3D visualization is a quite common concept. And this is no coincidence.

3D visualization is the creation of a realistic model of an object which is difficult to capture with a photograph or something that is not yet in reality.

This model is bright, natural and easily transformable. Figuratively speaking, such a model can be seen from all sides. Evaluate its size, color, shape, and in the case of reproduction of complex mechanisms, even roughly understand how it works.

With this approach to advertising any product (from a simple screw to a grand residential complex), the problem of lack of imagination is definitely positively solved.

Photorealistic three-dimensional models of almost any subject are created in specialized programs, the most popular of which is 3Ds max.

Realistic 3D max visualization is a godsend for businessmen promoting their products. There’s only a need to set certain parameters of lighting, material, color of the created model, and any item comes to life before you.

Where 3D visualization is applied?

As mentioned above, you can visualize any item, so 3D visualization is simply not replaceable in advertising.

This may be an example:

  • three-dimensional model of an object or technical product;
  • a model of some part or assembly of complex equipment;
  • visualization of the packaging of any product;
  • 3D visualization of the interior;
  • 3D visualization of the exterior;
  • creation of a model of designed apartments, houses, entertainment and shopping complexes, as well as any commercial real estate;
  • three-dimensional model of engineering structures.

And this is an incomplete list of what is created using this technology, because in principle, you can create realistic 3D visualization of an object and product of any complexity and configuration.

It is important to note the extraordinary accuracy in reproducing any subject using three-dimensional modeling. Not something like it, remotely resembling it, but a completely real object!

3D visualization in advertising

Another interesting point is that videos are often used for advertising and animation characters can also be created for them using 3D visualization. Just imagine how much advertising costs will decrease in this case.

No need to look for an actor for the video, pay him frantic fees (especially if this is a well-known person), remove a bunch of takes.

With the help of a video clip, you can also make a presentation for various fields of business, for example, engineering or even medicine.

And the price of creating such a product is certainly more competitive in comparison with the cost of other technologies. Indeed, the scope of using realistic 3D renderings is simply limitless.

This is architecture, and science, and medicine, and production, and innovative technologies, and of course trade, culture and the entertainment industry.

Now think about how easy it is to make presentations using such a 3D rendered model. A presentation with such a model will simply attract the eye, affect the feelings of the buyer, he will feel like he already has this thing and of course will be even more interested in its speedy acquisition.

3D visualizations for presentations, catalogs, internet sites

If you need to talk about any new idea in business, 3D infographics will again come to the rescue. With the help of such a video, it will immediately become clear to everyone what is at stake, rather than you would just take up a textual description, and again, the cost of creation will be reasonable.

Now imagine what an advertising catalog, brochure or booklet with bright, juicy, realistic pictures will look like. Such a tool will simplify the task of sales managers who strive to convey to the buyer the merits of the products offered.

It is also necessary to cover in more detail the topic of 3D visualization in website design. The Internet is full of various sites, but often, going to it you want to immediately go out. Why? Most likely you visited the site for a reason.

That is what you were looking for and most likely through this site they are selling what you need. But why did you go out? Yes, it just did not interest you: bad photos, dry text and many more.

Now imagine that one goes to the site and sees there what he was looking for and what looks natural like on a store shelf, certainly such a high-quality 3D image of a future purchase will not leave anyone indifferent.

And yet, when using this technology, differences between the contractor and the customer are sharply reduced, since it is clear to one and the other what the contractor must do and what the customer expects.

The visualizer, using special programs, creates the future interior. It makes it possible at the stage of project development to see the final result with realistic photos.

It is very convenient and really saves a lot of free time. Previously, the timing of many projects was delayed in the form of a large number of changes. Now, using modern technology, this period has decreased by several times.

In conclusion, it is worth saying with confidence that realistic 3D visualization is a technology that will continue to develop in advertising.

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