3D Model Me

Today it’s possible to create various versions of 3D models of a person, for example, a bust in a reduced form or a miniature exact copy. The manufacturing process of a three-dimensional model of people consists of several stages. 3D human…

3D models for printer

There are a million and one ways to use a 3D printer at home. 3D models for the printer can be from jewelry to dishes and toys. If you have already managed to buy a 3D printer, then creating unique items is not a problem for you. The kitchen…
Low Poly modeling in Maya

3D Print your Model

3D technologies do not stand still, and if 3D films have long been included in our lives, then 3D print your model will become a mass phenomenon literally tomorrow. And today 3D printing service has already become popular and affordable! Printing…

3D Printing Prototype

Every year, a bunch of articles appears on the Internet that a three-dimensional printing prototype will produce another industrial revolution and destroy the usual mass production. The near-technological public is already beginning to get…
3D rendering walkthrough

Printer Model 3D

One of the major steps in the development of automated production technology was the development of a 3D printer. In 2012, this device has already received worldwide publicity. Already in the first half of the year, tests and announcements of…

3D modeling for 3D printing usage

Whatever one may say, 3D modeling remains a much more developed and widespread area of ​​three-dimensional technologies than the 3D printing technique. Experts in the field of 3D modeling are quite numeroous, but in most cases their main…