Today it’s possible to create various versions of 3D models of a person, for example, a bust in a reduced form or a miniature exact copy. The manufacturing process of a three-dimensional model of people consists of several stages.

3D human scan

Modern 3D scanners are compact electronic devices that have a backlight. It can be a laser or in the form of a conventional flash lamp. Three-dimensional scanning allows getting a copy with an accuracy of hundreds of micrometers, given the millimeter details. Thus, when constructing a three-dimensional model, it turns out to achieve the effect of a “living” person.

There are two types of 3D scanning of people:

  1. Scan form
    This type of scan is used when only the shape of the object is important. For example, when creating an exact copy of a full-size face, making three-dimensional layouts for films.
  2. Scan with color rendering
    This method is used when creating a miniature human figure when you need to transfer the color scheme to the layout for printing as accurately as possible.

In the modern world, contact and non-contact 3D scanners are used. The contactless scanner resembles a small iron in shape. Three-dimensional scanning of a person is a non-contact process, the duration of which is 15-20 minutes.
The world of technology is constantly pleased with its discoveries. More recently, Spanish scientists introduced to the world public a scanner that allows creating a three-dimensional model of a person in a few seconds. The novelty is not yet intended for mass production, but in the future, this device can make 3D scanning available to most.
The scanning process is as follows: a person is on a special rotating platform and the scanner creates a large number of images that are transferred to a computer.

Making 3D models by photography

Modeling from photographs allows us to quickly and easily create 3D models, partially automating the process due to modern software. In this way, it is difficult to create complex models, but it is used in many directions. 3D model me from photographs is used when it is not possible to recreate a 3D model from drawings. In addition, this technology allows the modeling of large geographic or industrial objects without taking full-scale measurements. In addition, this type of simulation is useful for conducting remote measurements in conditions where a person’s stay may be unsafe.

Games and movies

The construction of a 3D model from photographs is often used in the gaming industry and animation for drawing heroes. Real people are taken as a basis, or rather their photos and a model is made from them. This technique allows you to realistically convey facial features and facial expressions.


3D modeling from photographs is used when a 3D printing prototype of the product. For example, if you have a plastic case and you need a similar product, you can take a picture of an existing one. As a result, you get a 3D model that you can adjust. This will help evaluate the functionality of the product even before the start of mass production.


The manufacture of 3D models from photographs is sometimes used in industrial design. This allows to quickly assess the scope of work to create a full-fledged working model. However, this method is not suitable for creating complex products. In this case, it is better to create a 3D model from scratch.

Processing a 3D model me made by a scanner

At this stage, the resulting model is edited in a special program. All the wishes of the client are taken into account, for example, to make the figure slimmer or remove the stomach. In time, this process takes a maximum of an hour. The layout can be viewed before printing from different angles. After starting printing, a percentage window will be displayed in a special window indicating the current playback layer.

When editing the 3D model is completed, the printing process itself takes place, which consists of the following steps:

  • Applying a layer of gypsum.
  • Adding a small amount of special resin, which is necessary for gluing gypsum in certain places.
  • Application of color.

This is repeated until all layers of the figure are printed. For example, one small figure can consist of 500 layers.

Printing organs on a 3D printer have already been successfully tested on animals. Scientists at Northwestern University introduced artificial ovaries to sterilized mice and they gave birth to healthy mice.

In a Chinese company, rhesus monkeys were implanted with blood vessels grown from the material of the same macaque. From the human parts of the body, while only internal tissues and skin are printed. Reduced but working copies of human ears and noses are created. The first seal of human organs is expected by the year 2030.

Fields of application of 3D human models

  • Medicine
  • Souvenir products.
  • The film industry and theatrical art.
  • Computer games.
  • Scope of entertainment.

Mini-models of man today is actively used as souvenirs. For example, one of the German manufacturers suggests creating an exact copy of not only a living person but also of a pet. The feature of the made figurines is that the 3D copy allows conveying emotions, facial expressions, gestures.

For example, you can make a copy of a person with any facial expression and in any pose.
There are no special restrictions when making copies, but there is still a recommendation from the manufacturer: do not wear silk, tulle or chiffon clothes, as they can cause difficulties for the scanner.

Studios for creating 3D models of people appear in Eastern Europe. Similar workshops are already operating in CIS countries. Creating a 3D model me is a promising direction in the field of three-dimensional printing, the development of which is rapidly gaining momentum.

3D technology is a field for research, discovery, and implementation of digital technology. You can order the creation of 3D models from us.

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