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Currently, the Internet has the possibility of online excursions. Anyone, for example, can virtually visit a clinic, cafe, cinema, and many other places, even before a real physical visit.

Also, design projects allow visiting your future apartment, a house under construction, even before the time of construction and repair, to evaluate architectural structures, landscape design. All these charms of modern life have become possible thanks to 3D-visualization.

What is 3D product visualization?

Product visualization is a way to show a separate product or object that already exists in reality or is only being developed. 3D models of goods look more presentable than real photos, and attract more customers! Three-dimensional models can be placed in any environment.

When working on 3D visualization of an object, a modeling specialist can recreate not only the exact dimensions and photorealistic appearance of the object but also its natural illumination depending on the position in space.

Work on the creation of the project begins with the modeling of the object. At this stage, the geometry, proportions and all the bends of the future model are set. This is a painstaking process that takes the most time and effort, as the work is done “manually”. As a result, the future object gets clear dimensions.

3D model rendering and commercial success of the project is the next step. The final stage of visualization is the rendering of an object, during which it is integrated into a real environment. For example, a future residential complex is depicted surrounded by existing buildings. Natural lighting and detailed drawing help create an image that is close in perception to the photo.

To create a render, as a rule, several artists are involved at once, and the commercial success of the project largely depends on their skill.

A very short percentage of people are able to imagine how a new object will look in a familiar environment. 3D visualization solves this problem by clearly demonstrating the finished appearance of the entire ensemble. After completion of work, the project can be shown to potential investors, customers in any convenient form: large format printing, layout, presentation, etc.

An important role in 3D visualization of objects is played by light (light stop), materials (properties of visualized 3D surfaces), the composition of the frame, most emphasizing the feature of the visualized 3D model.

The result of 3D product visualization is a high-resolution image suitable for printing, or animated videos. The size, proportions, form of presentation for 3D visualization are agreed upon at the stage of formation of the technical task for 3D visualization.

Who needs 3D product visualization services?

Computer graphics is your seller! Do you offer customers the creation of an end product that they cannot see at the order stage? Visualize the result! According to statistics, realistic three-dimensional images increase consumer interest and trust in the seller by 73%.

Opening a new business. You are starting a new project and don’t have a portfolio? Have you done your work and forgot to save the photos? Can you offer the consumer innovative developments, but have not run them in practice yet? Your vision will convey high-quality 3D visualization.

The best way to promote goods in an online store or on a web portal is an animated banner advertisement, the demand for which is always wide. And this is not surprising! A modern commercial in the form of a gif banner for the site, placed in an attractive “animated” cover, is able to interest potential customers and make them move to the advertiser’s site. In addition, the gif banner can be used for animation purposes, for example, to show flare, movement, action.

Aiming for new heights. Would you like and have the opportunity to develop professionally, but customers continue to request samples from the portfolio or seen from other contractors? Professional 3D graphics can show them what you are more capable of.

Originals and individualists
Do you fulfill individual orders? Use 3D to visualize customer wishes! Our experienced graphic designers will help to display all the nuances and subtleties of the products in the most winning light by completing 3D modeling to order.

Source materials for 3D visualization of objects

For high-quality 3D product visualization, any materials are needed that allow one to understand the three-dimensional shape of the object. This can be working drawings, sketches, plans, clippings from magazines, photographs of the target object, and finally, the object itself if it exists.

Three distinctive features of 3D Product visualization studio
ArtLand design studio offers you its services with the following privileges:

  1. High level of design, which cannot be obtained in construction or decoration companies, where design is a “related product”. For us, “design is our everything”, therefore, we strive for maximum quality. And we finish work on the project only when the customer is completely satisfied with the result.
  2. For us, the project is not simply beautiful pictures. This is a space for people. And it should be thought out as much as possible!
  3. The speed. We work at a very intense pace and, often, finish work ahead of the deadline.

Price Note and Terms

The exact cost of any work on 3D visualization is individual for each project, type and is agreed in each case separately after approval and preparation of technical specifications.

Prepayment 30-50%
Price varies depending on the style, complexity of the model and quality of visualization.
Product visualization does not include the cost of modeling services (modeling is paid according to the price or by agreement)

Visualization of even the most primitive 3D model requires the designer to have professional skills in working with graphic programs. It is the experience of a specialist that determines the quality of the final result. Creating 3D visualizations from scratch is painstaking and is a lengthy work. The modeling specialist spends from 1 day to several weeks to develop a three-dimensional model depending on the volume and complexity of the project. The resulting photorealistic image is certainly worth the time and effort.

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