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ZBrush, Three-dimensional graphics have long been widespread and in great demand in the world of modern technology.

Without it movies with beautiful and realistic special effects, computer games would not go on hire, colorful advertisements and television shows in beautiful graphic design would not exist.

Today, the design approach is more an art than a science. Creative piece of art made by designers includes not only business cards or a logo but also highly intellectual developments, such as creative design of a three-dimensional character, exclusive packaging design, etc.

Consumers need an original creative design, witty advertising, shocking billboards on the streets, a relying and amusing 3D character on the company’s websites… You can find all these among other services. ArtLand designers use the best software to realize your projects.

Today 3D programs allow to:

  • create three-dimensional graphics;
  • process and adjust images;
  • engage in rendering (visualization);
  • submit finished images to a printer or display.

Creating a 3D character in ArtLand Studio

Many different applications are used to create computer graphics. Conventionally, they can be divided into the following groups:

  • Digital sculpting software (ZBrush, Autodesk Mudbox)
  • Game engines (CryEngine 3, Unity 5, Unreal Engine 4)
  • Highly specialized applications tailored for specific tasks (fluid animation – RealFlow, texture creation – Mari, etc.).
  • Universal 3D editors (Houidini, Maya, 3Ds Max, Cinema 4D)

Digital sculpture programs

Programs for characters design are also called digital sculpture programs – the process of creating models imitates the modeling process.

Currently, various 3D programs are presented on the additive technology market that are designed to develop three-dimensional models.

Each product has its own characteristics. One software helps to view and correct inaccuracies in 3D-files, the other – to create special effects, the third – to design complex parts and sculptures.

To create a 3D character, ArtLand studio designers use the Pixologic ZBrush Program, a powerful professional tool for creating and editing three-dimensional graphics.

3D product animation cost

ZBrush is a software for creating digital sculpture. A feature of the software is that it allows simulating the process of sculpting objects from virtual clay.

The program is used in the production of films, games, jewelry, toys, cars. ZBrush equips the modeler with a brush that draws strokes with depth.

Simultaneously with modeling, you can also decorate the object. Such digital modeling is ideal for creating people, animals, and in general everything organic.

Nevertheless, ZBrush can be used for solid-state 3D modeling and is equipped with special tools for this. A huge set of special brushes is aimed at achieving maximum realism when creating 3D models, and texture mapping and visualization tools complement the functionality of the program.

An important advantage of the program is the automatic addition of shadows and highlights that look natural without the intervention of a modeler.

The rendering process usually happens in real time and the artist immediately sees the result of the work.

Our company’s specialists use ZBrush, as this program makes it possible to work with the same tools that are used by movie studios, game developers, toy and collectible goods manufacturers, jewelry designers, car/aviation designers, illustrators and artists around the world.

ZBrush 2019 continues to follow the path of creativity and productivity with major new features that allow our artists to work even faster, especially focusing on creating hard surfaces and mechanical forms with greater ease.

While working or to summarize the results of our work, we use stunning realistic rendering with instant feedback.

How to distinguish a professional 3D designer?

In the strong competing world of 3D services, it’s always difficult to find a studio which is the most convenient to render your ideas. That is why you should know how to distinguish a strong professional. A good 3D designer must possess the following features:

  • Developed a sense of space and understanding of the principles of dynamics.
  • Observation and the ability to notice the details that determine the “character” of the object.
  • Art education, sense of style.
  • Understanding the essence of the process of creating realistic images.
  • Knowledge of the principles of high-poly modeling, the ability to apply them in practice.

3D Characters for Games

Creating a good game character is one of the most joyful and fun aspects of game art. Like the actors and actresses in the movie, the game focuses on them.

They are performers in the game. Often players join the game because of the characters. That is why creating a good character is very important.

Any project begins with an idea. And in the gaming business, the ingenious idea and imagination of the game designer are the determining factor.

The game designer not only generates some ideas and various features but also thoroughly thinks out ways to implement them, taking into account the interests of the target audience.

The game designer forms the idea of ​​the game into a concept, making up the primary concept document, which clearly sets out a brief description of the gameplay and game features. For example, a metal case and clothes.

Roughness, smoothness – all this helps to “revive” the character. With some exceptions, such as puzzle games, almost all games have characters. Characters are intelligent, monsters or cars. Some characters are beautiful, some are terrible. Some are stylized as cartoons, others are very realistic. The variety of characters is as great as the imagination allows.

After the character of the game is completely drawn, a 3D modeler enters into a business. Based on the resulting drawing, he begins creating a three-dimensional model of the character of the game.

For 3D modeling, ArtLanad specialists use Maya. Thanks to this, our 3D-modelers can create three-dimensional models of any level of complexity.

After the 3D model of the game’s character is made, it is time for rendering. During this process, colors, chiaroscuro, textures are imposed on the 3D model. Different textures emphasize different elements of the character.

The more thoughtful the design of the model and the better the game character, the greater the success of the game. Therefore, the development of a character for the game should be handled by professionals.

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  1. was acquired a couple of years ago by Pixologic, which develops a similar commercial product ZBrush. Since then, the development of Sculptris has been frozen.

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