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Action Figure 3D model

We can say that 3D printing technology has found itself in almost every area of ​​human life. Therefore, the incredible popularity of additive technologies, which is increasing every day, is easy to be explained. Now, at the intersection of 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies, a service appeared a service for the production of 3D […]

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3Ds Max Visualization

The objects that surround us are a combination of simple three-dimensional primitives – a combination of parallelepipeds is a table, a torus is a car tire, etc. These materials, figures, are used to construct the model. 3D visualization is the process of presenting information using three-dimensional graphics technology. The technology of 3D graphics is based […]

3Ds Max 3D Printing

In order to integrate into 3D technology and learn how to manage a 3D printer, it is necessary to master some programs for 3D printing. This should include specialized software and applications for 3D modeling. In today’s article, we will look at all the categories and determine which 3D printing software is best used. So […]

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3D Walkthrough Services

It has been proven that buyers are more willing to part with money when they know what they get in return. That is why it is so important to give an accurate idea of ​​your offer to a casual visitor of the site. Unfortunately, even the most detailed descriptions, photos, videos, solve this problem only […]

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3D walkthrough company

What is a virtual tour or 3D walkthrough? A virtual 3D tour and 3D walkthrough are a “stitched” combination of panoramas with the function of switching from one volumetric photo to another. Such tours can be supplemented by music, voiceover, videos, captions, video clips and other content. The main difference between a virtual tour and […]

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3D Rendering Service

Rendering is a term in computer graphics that denotes the process of obtaining an image from a model using a computer program. Here, a model is a description of any objects or phenomena in a strictly defined language or data structure. such a description may contain geometric data, the position of the observer’s point, information […]

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3D prototype Design

Before starting production of a new type of product, manufacturers are faced with the need to test a new product. In this connection, 3D prototyping is an important preliminary stage of production launch. A 3D prototype design (or master model) is a three-dimensional model of a product or a technical sample that allows to study […]

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3D Production and Architectural Design

The architectural forms of buildings were originally born in the imagination of the architect in the form of harmonious and beautiful three-dimensional images. The history of the development of architecture proves that the authors of buildings of all historical periods perfectly possessed 3D modeling tools, perfectly transferring monumental ideas on the plane of drawings. It […]

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3D Product Visualization

The very concept of visualization implies the creation of a three-dimensional (in this case) model of a specific object or scene. Anything can be selected as an object, and depending on what the work is going on, the following types can be distinguished: Visualization of construction sites. High-rise residential buildings, private cottages, commercial buildings or […]

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3D product visualization Best Software Tools     

3D visualization is the process of creating graphics and rendering projects using 3D programs. 3D visualization is used in many industries: from architecture, cinema and game development to design and industrial production. Many products and concepts are first developed in 3D visualization software. This saves time and money for producers, manufacturers and customers. The introduction […]

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3D Product Rendering

3D product rendering is a powerful advertising tool that has an extensive range of capabilities and allows one to get high quality promotional materials: advertising media, videos, three-dimensional illustrations and models. Significant savings in financial and time costs are the reasons why images and videos created using 3D rendering confidently crowd out classic photos and […]

3D product modeling

Flat images do not interest anyone today – realism is now in fashion. Do you need a bright, catchy presentation? Product design visualization? Or a clear idea of ​​what the building erected for a specific project will look like? Then you can not do without 3D product modeling services. Using modern technologies, as well as […]

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3D Product Modeling Services

The rapid development of computer technology has allowed us to see projects of future objects in three-dimensional image. The ability to create high-quality three-dimensional models is highly valued today. Even if one is naturally endowed with a talent for work in this area, you still need to constantly improve your skills and attend specialized exhibitions. […]

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3D Product animation services

High-quality animation is an excellent tool for advertising and marketing activities, but not everyone can render high-quality 3D product animation services. For such a work, 3D animation company needs a professional video designer who has been doing similar work for more than a year. Why 3D Product Animation services are essential? Ready-made videos can be […]

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3D printing prototype service

We are on the verge of a technical revolution. And it is associated with the rapid development of 3D printing. Doctors, engineers and inventorshave high expectations from the technology. And the most progressive designers and architects are already taking full advantage of it. Architectural 3D modeling was born and began to spread around the world […]

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3D printing character models

3D modeling allows to create three-dimensional models of objects in a special computer program. Once upon a time, in order to give the customer a visual representation of an object or product, companies used other methods. For example, houses were created in miniature form requiring painstaking manual labor. Today, this is not necessary – the […]


3D Printer 3D model

In 2011, a biogel-powered printer printed a human kidney right during the TED conference. A pair of years ago, Adidas announced a new model of sneakers that was printed on a 3D printer in 20 minutes. Recently, the company Ilona Mask SpaceX successfully tested the engines of the spacecraft, which also printed on a 3D […]


3D Print Modeler

A 3D model for three-dimensional printing cannot be created without special software. Now there are many different software products with which specialists design, develop and improve 3D objects. Currently, various 3D programs are presented on the additive technology market that are designed to develop three-dimensional models. Each product has its own characteristics. One software helps […]

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3D Print Design Online

Many users of 3D printers, sooner or later have a problem with the availability of virtual models for printing. Of course, simple 3D models, for example: a phone case, toys, chess pieces and home accessories can be downloaded on specialized sites. But it is not always possible to find the right one, and then you […]

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3D models for printer

At this stage of development, 3D printing is a promising area of ​​industrial development and is only beginning to be used everywhere, although the principle of operation was formulated back in 1986. 3D printing is based on the principle of layer-by-layer model creation, and the most common now are FDM 3D printers based on thermoplastic […]

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3D modeling and printing

A few years ago, 3D printing was something surprising for most people, but today it is becoming more and more widespread. In order to obtain an object using a special printer, the preliminary creation of its three-dimensional model and its optimization are required. Three-dimensional modeling and printing on 3D printers, without a doubt, has opened […]

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3D Model printing service

Additive technologies are gradually taking on new applications. A model can be created in two ways: Hand made design. The principle of work here is very similar to working with other three-dimensional models – a special program is used to create the desired object. The main condition is to save the result in a format […]

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3D Mesh Animation

Every year, three-dimensional graphics are becoming more popular and today, one of its most popular areas is the creation of three-dimensional characters and giving them movements, i.e. their animation. Three-dimensional characters are used in many areas: advertising, television, the film industry, the game industry, and are relevant for different age categories. Animation is one of […]

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3D jewellery visualization

Creating 3D products is the best and highest quality interactive tool for the presentation of exclusive jewelry and entire collections that are being prepared for sale. 3D jewellery visualization is a technology that is actively used today in the manufacture of jewelry of any type and complexity. The use of special software provides a number […]