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3D visualization is the process of creating graphics and rendering projects using 3D programs. 3D visualization is used in many industries: from architecture, cinema and game development to design and industrial production.

Many products and concepts are first developed in 3D visualization software. This saves time and money for producers, manufacturers and customers.

The introduction of computer technology in industry has greatly simplified the work with volumetric designs. 3D visualization and object design systems make it possible to visually see the forms that were previously presented in the drawings.

The translation of flat images into spatial ones greatly facilitated the applied fields of science. Thanks to this, a number of problems were solved:

Visualize the details. To read the diagrams, certain skills and an analytical mindset are required. After processing, everyone can understand what is shown in the picture.

To simulate designs. When two-dimensional drawing of complex geometric shapes, there are many errors in the joining of individual elements. They can cause additional costs and alterations at the stage of manufacturing products.

Coordinate design decisions. Due to the visual presentation, it has become easier for adjacent specialists to act, who must work through their sections within one computer file.

Recommended 3D visualization software

Three-dimensional modeling and visualization programs offer great opportunities for creating stunning realistic effects in various areas of our lives, whether they are simple models from everyday life or something as amazing as, for example, space stations rushing through outer space.

One cannot but mention such a variety of graphic programs as 3D modeling packages. Recently, the results of the rapid development of this sphere are in full view: too often, 3D computer graphics have been used on television and in cinema.

3D Studio
On the PC platform, the most common 3D modeling program is definitely 3D-Studio. Unlike CAD/CAM programs, obtaining images of three-dimensional objects here is an end in itself, and not an additional function, and these capabilities are more advanced here.

3D-Studio allows to create objects of almost any complexity, arrange them into groups or scenes, paint surfaces with textures or fills, arrange lighting sources, etc.

In addition to designing static objects, it is possible to set and edit their movements in three-dimensional space and recording full-fledged video images. Such work requires enormous computational resources and memory volumes, and therefore, until recently, the creation of at least some approximation of photorealistic graphics on a PC was not discussed.

But taking into account the ever-improving 3D accelerator technologies, it can be assumed that in the near future the average

3DS Max
3D modeling, animation and visualization software for game development and design. 3D Studio MAX is a radically new approach to 3D modeling and visualization.

The basic concepts and methods, in accordance with which 3DS MAX manages objects and data on the stage, differ significantly from previous versions of 3DS and other three-dimensional modeling and visualization programs. The term object is used throughout the 3DS MAX program; it is an object oriented program.

If you look at 3DS MAX in terms of programming, everything that is created is an object. The geometry, cameras, and light sources on the stage are objects. Modifiers are also objects, like controllers, bitmaps, and material definitions.

Many objects, such as wireframes, splines, and modifiers, allow manipulation at the sub-object level. What does it mean when they say that 3DS MAX is an object-oriented program? Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is a sophisticated approach to writing software that is now widely used in writing commercial software.

From a 3DS MAX user perspective, the most important aspect of object-oriented programming is how it affects the user interface.

Most objects in 3DS MAX are a form of parametric object. A parametric object is determined by a set of settings or parameters, and not by an explicit description of its shape.

In the Create panel, you can combine two or more objects to create a new parametric object called a composite object. A composite object is a type of parametric object, the parameters of which include objects to be combined and a description of how to combine them.

The term subobject refers to something that you can select and manipulate. Subobjects, in turn, have their own subobjects and thus create situations in which you can perform multi-level editing of subobjects.

The first actions with 3D Studio MAX will be the creation of scene objects, with which animation and visualization are then performed. Almost everything in 3DS MAX is organized in a hierarchy. All hierarchies in 3DS MAX follow the same principles.

Higher levels in the hierarchy represent general information and are the levels of greatest influence. Lower levels represent detailed information and are levels of lesser influence.

Software for 3D animation, modeling and visualization in the field of film production, the creation of games and television

Planning, designing, building and operating buildings using powerful building information modeling (BIM) tools.

Software for virtual 3D-modeling of products in the automotive industry – available in versions: VRED Design, VRED Professional, VRED Server, VRED Presenter

Software for industrial design, sketching, conceptual modeling, surface shaping, and visualization – available at Alias ​​Concept, Alias ​​SpeedForm, Alias ​​Surface, Alias ​​AutoStudio, and Alias ​​Design

General lighting visualization software

How is 3D visualization used?

Architecture and interior design
Clients know that they can see the final version of the project at the very early stages of its implementation. 3D-visualization allows you to demonstrate the interiors and facades of buildings, layout, lighting, textures and even the terrain before the development of the project.

Development and industrial production of products
3D visualization allows you to make changes to the project and improve ideas, which makes the industrial production process more efficient. Designers and production teams can jointly develop and implement concepts of various sizes, as well as coordinate changes faster.

Graphics and animation
Using 3D visualization, detailed characters are created for computer games, impressive scenes, as well as exciting special effects for film and television. Computer graphics specialists create realistic and fantasy visualizations for different types of digital content.


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