3Ds Max for Architectural visualization


3Ds Max is one of the first editors of three-dimensional graphics and has its history since 1990. Now, simple product demonstrations are usually either unnoticed or instantly forgotten. In order to stand out from the mass of such firms, extraordinary approaches are needed. ArtLand3D design studio allows you to apply such approaches to creating a fashion using visualization.

In the past, architects, using professional ink pens – radiographs, created unique construction projects on special inclined boards installed vertically at an angle.

Such painstaking work required maximum attention, patience and perfect accuracy in the calculations. The era of global computerization allowed a different look at visual design activities.

Interior visualization programs marked a breakthrough in the field of architectural design, making life easier for millions of professionals on the planet.

3Ds Max

3Ds Max is one of the first editors of three-dimensional graphics and has its history since 1990. During its existence, the package managed to change several names.

Since 2005, the program has been released under the familiar name Autodesk 3Ds Max. The most popular today is the software product of the American company Autodesk – 3D Studio Max.

The application is considered to be one of the most extensive packages for 3D modeling, which contains many plug-ins and add-ons for performing a wide variety of tasks.

Traditionally, this program is considered a professional tool for architects and interior designers. The reason for this is the convenience in 3D modeling of solid objects, great freedom in creating models and high-quality modules for photorealistic visualization.

However, modern versions of Autodesk 3Ds Max allow performing a huge number of functions and go far beyond architectural models. 3Ds Max software enables professional 3D animation, 3D visualization, and 3D modeling.

Efficient and flexible tools allow creating high-quality 3D content in less time. This software is used by our specialists and as a result, we get magic projects for our customers.

Purpose of using visualization for customers

First, you need to understand, why do buyers need renders? It would seem that if he wanted to take this image, then he knows why he needs it.

In reality, clients often lack a clear understanding of the purpose of visualization, which affects the quality of work. You must have a clear idea of ​​the goals that the render should help you achieve.

This may be showing a company, a new service, bring traffic to an Internet site or teach the use of services, etc.? The answer to this question depends on all the work, thoughts and techniques that will be laid by our specialists in the basis of the work.

How to choose a 3D visualization studio

  • First, you need to find a studio that has a good portfolio similar to what the client needs. The studio has extensive experience if it has an extensive list of works. If smaller, then there may be problems with the studio.
  • Learn how the studio works. How much time the work will require, guarantees of its proper implementation.
  • A good 3D visualization studio is constantly ready to communicate with the client by phone or via e-mail. When this readiness is not visible, it means that this studio is not interested in working on the project.
  • You must carefully evaluate the studio offers and prices.
  • You must look for a studio that works under contracts with its employees. One that uses the right software for a particular service…

3Ds Max visualization features

3Ds Max is now the industry standard for architectural visualization. The ability to seamlessly import data from CAD packages is one of the key requirements for a 3D package for architectural visualization.

The developer of 3Ds Max – Autodesk also releases one of the oldest AutoCAD design systems on the market, extremely popular among architects.

And it’s quite natural that there are no problems with transferring data from AutoCAD to 3Ds Max, moreover, Autodesk releases huge packages aimed at architects.

3D Max Studio is focused on the design of complex architectural objects. There are many useful tools in it, which our specialists use to render different projects:

  • photorealistic visualizer;
  • tools for adjusting the illumination and detailed analysis of three-dimensional objects;
  • additional modules for the formation of realistic special effects: explosions, splashes of water and much more;

3Ds Max capabilities

The program has rich capabilities for creating powerful visualization, which may not even differ from photography. To make the picture livelier, animations are used (burning fire, falling fabric, etc.).

In 3D Max Studio, it is easy to control particles, which allows creating amazing effects, for example, simulating any natural phenomena: smoke from a fire, water drops, dew drops dripping from leaves, and so on.

With 3Ds Max, we can create houses that will resemble real wooden buildings. All this is possible due to the variety of textures presented in the library, which in appearance resemble real building materials.

Considering the shortcomings, it should be noted that the design and visualization of the interior in the program is quite slow. To create complex volumetric designs will require high-tech hardware.

Some novice users complain about the difficulty in mastering the program, but this product is not designed to work with typical elementary tasks. 3Ds Max for visualization described in our article is necessary for the effective work of professional designers and studios.

However, in 3D modeling, 3Ds Max stands alone. A huge set of tools, plug-ins allows using this application to easily model and visualize any interiors and the most complex architectural structures.

It is no coincidence that 3Ds Max Design is a favorite program of our company specialists and many other architects (it is even integrated with AutoCAD), and application observers on 3D graphics note that it is designed primarily for tech experts.

This is probably why developers of all kinds of games prefer this program as well…
The popularity of 3ds Max is far from being random.

That is probably why designers, architects, game industry professionals, television people, filmmakers, and even laypeople and for starters, who only want to touch this magical fairy tale – 3D graphics are so fond of this tool.

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