3D architectural animation and Visualisation Services


Architectural visualization is a look into the future, a look at the finished architectural project from the outside. Static visualization of real estate is today an integral part of the presentation of any project – static renderings are necessary for placement in press materials, in booklets, on websites.

The technology of three-dimensional modeling has already proven itself in the architectural business from the best side.

Therefore, today the creation of a 3D model of an architectural object or interior space is a mandatory attribute of design. Based on this model, specialists can create either a prototype of the building – the exterior repeating it, or the most detailed prefabricated model of the structure.

If we talk about interior design, thanks to 3D modeling, the client will see exactly what his house, apartment or office will be like upon completion of the repair.

ArtLand masters perform 3D visualization and 3D animation of architectural objects. To perform 3D visualization of the object, ArtLand employees use modern computer programs and three-dimensional modeling technologies. This allows performing work quickly, which is often an urgent need in commercial construction. Here are the following services you can order in our studio.

Architectural animation.

This service is a type of visualization of architectural objects, the only difference is that the customer receives the result not as a series of pictures, but as a video clip.

For large projects, it’s more convenient to show video than print a lot of posters and order an architectural plan. Even with an architectural plan, architectural animation will significantly increase the visual appeal of your project, as on the layout, objects, as a rule, will not be as designed as 3D models on video.

Interactive visualization.

3D presentation of real estate, an advertising screen saver or a corporate film. Creating a realistic three-dimensional image of objects (exterior and interiors according to sketches or drawings), as a rule, for coordination of projects or printed materials.

Visualization does not imply the transfer of a polygonal 3D model to the customer, and the final product is a raster image (of a given format and resolution). To achieve a spectacular impression during the execution, two-dimensional raster graphics programs can be used.

When working on the exterior, it is sometimes required to simulate only one building facade, and sometimes, a whole panorama of buildings. A small country house in the complexity of its texture richness, tectonics and plastic solution can many times exceed the multi-story building of a large area.

Visualization and animation of interiors and exteriors.

In the field of 3D graphics, we provide a full range of 3D services. This includes 3D modeling of any objects, high-quality 3D visualization, the creation of three-dimensional animation.

We have extensive experience in creating design projects of any complexity, both residential and public interiors. Our designers developed the interior design for private apartments and cottages, the interior design of shops and restaurants, night clubs and shopping centers, the interior design of hotels and exhibition stands, and many others.

Experts of the studio also create the animation of the exteriors and facades of buildings for any purpose. This may be the animation of a cottage or residential building, the animation of a business center or store, the visualization of a shopping complex or any other architectural structure.

Visualization of premises for various purposes from residential to industrial.

This service allows the customer to visually see how the room will look after construction, to experiment with materials, forms, etc. As part of this service, we can depict, based on the wishes of the customer, selected coatings, materials, furniture, in different options.

Visualization of building plans.

3D layout is a kind of alternative to traditional drawings, and floor plans, allows you to present the layout of the object in a form convenient for the client to perceive.

This service is very useful for architects, realtors, developers, as well as property owners. Moreover, the 3D plan is much cheaper than interior rendering, as it has less detail, but in terms of information, it is not inferior to anything, but it’s even superior.

Visualization of buildings, structures, industrial facilities.

This service allows you to see how a building or a complex of buildings, structures will look in a form convenient for perception. The fact is that architectural drawings and facades are difficult to understand, moreover, the drawings usually do not contain small details due to many factors.

Also, visualization allows you to visually see the buildings, structures of the enterprise, not only at the design stage but also at the “idea” stage. For 3D visualization, the simplest sketch or description is enough. In the process, the idea will be surrounded by the necessary details.

Development companies constantly use 3D visualization to show their investors or future buyers of apartments what the interior, architecture, and landscape of the adjacent territory will look like. Often we create 3D tours and video animations for such objects.

Visualization of furniture, stands and commercial equipment.

This service provides for the visualization of furniture and commercial equipment, taking into account the size and manufacturing technology and the specifics of the product, placement in a store, at an exhibition, etc.

Such services of 3D graphics are often used when they want to see how the material or furniture will look in the interior, before buying it for a lot of money, it is easier to make a photo-realistic visualization of the room and see all the advantages and disadvantages of a solution even before the start of construction work.

3D visualization and animation for commercial purposes.

3D visualization is the main component of any advertising campaign for the developer. We create emotional photorealistic images for the sale and promotion of construction projects at an early stage of construction. The site has just been surrounded by a fence, but life is already in full swing in your advertising materials!

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