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Animation infographics is a relatively new phenomenon, so there are fewer performers than those of studios which are engaged in production video shooting. However, competition is high in both cases. Studios are of two main types:

Full-cycle studios (full-digital agencies; video advertising agencies)

An ideal choice for those who want to create advertising using the most modern solutions of motion design and get a drawn clip that has been worked out to the smallest detail by creative experts in the field of animation and infographics.

3D Product Animation Maker

Production studios (specialized production; video production)

Such studios are engaged in both the production of animation and the creation of production video. As a rule, the history of such studios began with the shooting. It is worth contacting such a studio if you want to get a high-quality advertising product, see a carefully organized filming process, the work of an experienced director and actors.

When choosing a contractor, pay attention to a few points:

  1. Does 3D Product Animation Maker use video to advertise his services?
    The video will show you exactly what the team is doing, what equipment it uses, what methods of influence it prefers and whether they coincide with your ideas about good advertising. Masters of their craft will not leave the studio without high-quality introductory video.
  2. Portfolio
    A serious team will not stop at the development of a Landing Page offering services. Examples of the work of a good studio can be found on YouTube, Vimeo, on social networks, on a personal website, on television. The portfolio should be rich, include animation or staged scenes – depending on the specifics of the studio. Works of the studio should be liked by you as a viewer. If your concepts of beauty are the same, feel free to make a choice in favor of this studio.
  3. Range of services
    Each company has its own “strong suit” – either production or animation. Preference should be given to those who openly show their main profile.
  4. Time to create a movie
    Time is required for high-quality shooting with voice acting, storyboard, as well as the selection of actors, editing, musical composition and the introduction of a simple infographic. If you are promised a finished product in 5-7 days – think about the team’s approach to work. Good advertising can not be done too quickly. Creating an animated video (2D or 3D infographics) is a more complicated process. Each frame, the movement of the object is carefully drawn. And it will take more time than shooting real actors. The duration of the animation is directly dependent on the duration of the video. As a rule, it requires at least 15 days. Similarly, if you are offered to make a short video for 50 days or more, you should look for another studio.
    BUT: If the script is complicated and you order a long animated video (more than 120 seconds), the creation process may take 4-6 months.
  5. Cost
    If the price for creating a video is significantly above average, specify whether the studio has been working for a long time, look at its portfolio. This is the only way to determine whether the work is worth the increased costs. Pay attention to the proposals of competitors and make a choice depending on what is closer to you.
  6. Terms of Reference
    The more questions you are asked in the 3D product animation studio and the more accurately you answer them, the more chances to get a good product. Studios it is important to know the maximum information in order to avoid mistakes. A production studio or 3D Product Animation Maker will not let the client go away without a brainstorming: the result is important for specialists. The contractor must know exactly what the customer wants, what he approves, allows and does not accept. If the studio does not ask questions, think about whether to work with it or not.

Cost of 3D Product animation studio depends on the specifics (complexity) of the clip:

  • script development;
  • creating a concept;
  • selection of the character;
  • script writing;
  • directing;
  • shooting;
  • voiceover;
  • selection, recording or purchase (license acquisition) of musical accompaniment;
  • computer animation;
  • installation;
  • storyboard;
  • 2D and 3D effects.

How to choose a freelancer to create a 3D Product Animation

Not only the studio can create an animation, but also a freelancer does. You can find an artist on the platforms YouDo, Freelance.ru, Freelancehunt, etc.

The choice of the field of activity – design, computer graphics or photo, video shooting.
Profile selection. Should pay attention to the portfolio, the information in the “About Me”, work experience. Rating almost does not matter. The platforms work at the expense of the proceeds, so the rating is higher for those who buy premium accounts.

Ask a few freelancers to send 1-2 ready-made animations. You should not give a test task – a self-respecting specialist will demand to pay for the work, this will increase the project budget. An experienced freelancer may not agree to test.

Choose a specialist whose videos you like more. The choice is narrowed because not everyone will be able to show the commercial.

There are several nuances that should be known before starting work:
The freelancer is not always ready to provide a clear work specification, the details of the order will be clarified in the conversation. Pay attention to whether the person is taking the initiative, trying to find out the details. If yes, this is a good sign.

For staged shooting, you will have to form a team yourself: look for a designer and operator, cast the actors, manage the process. It takes a lot of time and effort. You will have to learn from scratch a new area for yourself. In addition, from the first time, a high-quality video will turn out very unlikely.

The choice of a remote contractor is a solution for those who want to save money and can explain in detail to the contractor what he wants. Among freelancers, you can find specialists whose quality of work is not inferior to studio production, however, this will require you to pay special attention to the choice.

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