How to Make Your Product Stand Out With 3D PRODUCT ANIMATION


We must not forget: business is successful only when its product evokes an emotional response from customers. But how to tell about your services to the maximum number of people in a limited period of time?

Is there a way to make the customer “listen” to you till the end?

Attractive 3D content

We can not imagine our life without three-dimensional animation. From morning till night, we are shown all sorts of commercials, explainers, product presentations, and films. Thousands of digital agencies and freelancers compete with each other, trying to create the most attractive 3D content for their clients, and they, in turn, are trying to sell their products to millions of consumers.

To attract the attention of a modern adult with the help of 3D visualization is extremely difficult. It’s even harder to motivate him to finally buy the product by showing him a minute of a carefully produced promotional video.

To stand out from the crowd, you need something more exciting and interesting, something more like a video game than a promotional video.

Many large and successful companies do not do without modern technologies on their presentations. High-tech solutions help to present their activities in a bright and dynamic way and attract new consumers.

You definitely need services for 3D product animation:

  1. If you have a business.
  2. You need to advertise your products or services.
  3. You need an advertising character or a hero.
  4. You need to animate the advertising hero.
  5. You need to come up with an interesting story that will attract the attention of the target audience, and make a good 3D advertising cartoon!

Apply to specialist

The customer has nothing but the desire to find out how his future home will look like, to work out some options, to understand his desires. Unfortunately for clients (and fortunately for designers), the reality is usually such that the vast majority of architects do not bother with the excessive detail of the project.

Perhaps in some cases, this is due to the fact that many of them think in technical categories that are not related to the appearance of the interior or building and provide for only the layout of the buildings as such, the distribution of communications, etc., while leaving the choice of design to the designer.

And precisely in the case when there is a “skeleton” of a building, the task of a computer graphics artist is to “revitalize” the layout.

Here the artist’s task becomes an advertising one: ultimately, one must make the viewer want to live in this house, adding a part of himself to it.

Let your client become involved in the animation of the layout of the future house.

Also, the animation of architectural projects carries much more visual information than a simple picture. In preparing a presentation to attract investors or participate in a tender, it provides high prospects. Specialists will be able to give you a quality video that will most accurately reflect the reality of the final result.

Architectural animation

Your architectural animation will be of high quality, which will allow you to show your presentation on high-resolution plasmas, on the Internet, and on television. Let it be an animation of house or cottage, professionals always go to the project with full seriousness and work out all the nuances that affect the quality of the video.

Their experience will allow you to get a product that will have a “reference face”. Also, professional 3Product animation studios can develop not only the animation of architectural projects but also make the design of landscaping. It all depends on the tasks.

Animation of a house or big architectural complexes with a territory of more than a dozen hectares requires sufficiently large computational abilities of computer equipment, this is another reason you’d better apply to professionals.

Do it like a professional

Have you ever wondered why computer games are so popular? In my opinion, the main thing here is that a gamer is no longer just a spectator, but rather a participant in events, creating his own reality. Interactive in itself is cool – just take the opportunity to rotate and zoom the camera, which allows you to view content from any angle and scale.

Another interesting feature of the games is non-linearity, when the user actually chooses the script and influences the storyline from beginning to end (of course, within the limits specified by the game designer).

Now let’s talk about how all this can be applied to real “non-gaming” life. How to make your 3D-animation and promotional videos look like games which could not be pried away from potential customers with a crowbar? The answer is to use real-time rendering tools instead of the traditional approach to creating three-dimensional visualization (such as VRay, Corona, etc.).

WebGL technology

Many professionals in this area of expertise are familiar with Unity, Unreal Engine and other similar engines, but in our case, they will not help much, as they are not optimized enough for work on the Internet. So if you are going to work on the web, you should pay attention to the specialized engines based on WebGL technology.

Some may ask why the web itself? The answer is simple. There is no other medium and platform more convenient to distribute content than the Internet.

Nowadays, customers are unlikely to like the idea of ​​downloading and installing something – and really why, if they are used to looking for all the information on websites and in social networks.

Focus on the Internet

And since we focus on the Internet, we need the right tools. There are many of them, ranging from purely programmer WebGL libraries, such as Three.js and Babylon.js, and ending with toolkits specially sharpened by 3D modelers and designers, for example, Verge3D.

Unlike the three-dimensional monsters Unity and Unreal, these tools are written in JavaScript native to the web, have small size and memory consumption, and therefore run without any problems in any web browser, including mobile devices.

There is another important advantage of native WebGL tools, namely, they make it easy to integrate 3D content with any other content on your sites.

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  1. Tammie Houston
    Tammie Houston says:

    Wow, I didn’t know that animations also helps in hyping up a starting up a business. My products are new to the market and we want to advertise it through social media. I’m looking forward to hiring a professional with advanced knowledge in architectural animation to present on big screens. Cheers for your useful tips!


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