What is a virtual tour or 3D walkthrough?

A virtual 3D tour and 3D walkthrough are a “stitched” combination of panoramas with the function of switching from one volumetric photo to another.

Such tours can be supplemented by music, voiceover, videos, captions, video clips and other content.

The main difference between a virtual tour and a set of ordinary photos is its interactivity: the user chooses which fragment is attractive to him at the moment, what to zoom in, and what to remove, whether to look up or down.

In other words, the viewer independently controls the picture, having the ability to move around and examine the details.

How to use possibilities of 3D walkthrough?

How to use the possibilities of a 3D walkthrough?

A virtual tour or 3D walkthrough is perhaps the most effective and persuasive technique for providing information about a product or service.

The interactivity of the 3D tour creates the illusion of involvement with the client, a sense of freedom of action. Obviously, with the help of a virtual tour, the client gets acquainted with the appearance of the building, the interior, equipment, and feels the general atmosphere.

So, 3D tours have taken root in real estate. They are used by the largest worldreal estate agencies: Corcorans, Rubloff, ColdwellBanker,Home Seekers, etc.

The main platforms for hosting virtual tours are websites and electronic presentations. You can view the tour in a browser on any device.Photorealistic space will accurately convey the area of the room and the number of seats, the client will not be disappointed with his expectations.

3D walkthrough Technology

The creation of 3D walkthroughs is carried out by professional photo studios, where specialists with relevant experience work, armed with modern high-precision equipment.

An order for the professional creation of a 3D tour in 3D walkthrough company is necessary if you seriously intend to strengthen the company’s position on the Internet and interest a serious and authoritative audience.

The whole process takes place in three stages:

  • shooting an object, getting a series of photos;
  • processing the best pictures;
  • walkthrough assembly work;

Photography. This is a key and extremely responsible process that directly affects the quality of the future panorama. For shooting, they use a digital SLR camera with an ultra-wide-angle lens mounted on a stable tripod with a panoramic head. For one panorama, 4 to 8 quality frames are required.

It is hardly possible to completely avoid distortions, however, they can be minimized by using the following tips:

All frames in the series should be in focus. For this, the camera is installed in the center of the circle;

for future “seams” it is better to select places in the same colors, for example, the gray walls of the premises, and plan this already when taking pictures;

to clearly fix the camera in space, you must use the level;

maintain a rotation angle of 120º (use the turn signal scale);

in each series of shots, the camera must be synchronized in the horizontal and vertical planes.

Processing. The original pictures are merged into a single photo panorama (projection with equal angles), while simultaneously removing distortions and performing color and sharpness corrections.

It is possible to add a retouch, apply a filter. You can stitch photos manually or automatically with the help of staplers. Sometimes the projection is transformed into a 6-sided cube and then converted to the required 3D panorama format (Flash, HTML5, etc.).

Also at this stage superimpose active zones, select graphics, labels, pictures, pop-ups, sound and other elements. Browsers are used to view the finished work, depending on the format in which the panoramas are made, often a standard Internet browser with Java script support is enough.

Assembly work. A finished 3D walkthrough is a set of 3D panoramas “stitched” in special builder applications. It also contains additional information (if any).

Unusual interior elements, goods on stands in trading floors, interesting exhibits in the museum and other objects that need to be paid attention of the client, can act as active zones.

It is possibleto add a navigator to the 3D tour, which will indicate to the user his location. Moving is done by points, according to plan or automatically.Virtual 3D tour is universal, works on any device, adapting to the final site or social network.

Do it yourself or entrust it to professionals?

In general, the independent creation of a 3D walkthrough is a doable task. However, it should be borne in mind that a high-quality product will turn out only if perfect photographs and panoramas are used, therefore, in addition to design skills, one will need experience (or services) of a professional photographer, designer…

One must also keep in mind that the software is not provided to the user for free. He will be asked to pay a license or pay a fee for the panoramas created. The latter scheme, in particular, is actively used by IPIX Corporation, Spherical Panorama, Inc and other major software manufacturers. In this regard, the cost of 3D walkthroughs, made by hand, is likely to be higher than expected.

We should not forget about such an invaluable resource as experience. A professional team will take into account all the nuances of your object and business at the planning stage, select the tour that will more emphasize the advantages and hide the weaknesses.

Therefore, a virtual tour from an amateur beginner is good as a demo version for understanding the principles of building such 3D projects and working mechanisms.

However, in order to truly impress the client, the 3D walkthrough must be without a single flaw. One that you want to go through again and again.

The correct virtual 3D walkthrough created by professionals has impressive functionality and can easily replace the site and become a regular source of customers.

Photorealistic space will accurately convey the area of the room and the number of seats, the client will not be disappointed with his expectations.

Manage the contents of the 3D walkthrough, add new spaces, watch how your business is developing and changing!

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