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Architectural design studios usually offer professional and creative solutions in the field of interior design and implementation, architectural design and 3D visualization. As a rule, their work is aimed at providing convenience and aesthetically pleasing perception of the space surrounding you, from a small cozy apartment or a small country house to a spacious office pavilion or pathos restaurant.

As for, ArtLand design studio, it is specialized in the interior design of various rooms, landscape design, the manufacture of architectural projects and concepts, as well as 3D visualization of products, objects of architecture and interior.

Why 3D visualization should be done by a specialist

Detailed visualization of the project of a house or apartment should be as close as possible to reality, creating the effect of presence. How do we achieve this:

  • The right scale. Optimally selected camera height will not distort the perception of space, making it larger or smaller. The ratio of the size of the room and furniture should be real.
  • Light is one of the important elements of the interior, so we will show how it will be distributed, reflected in the mirrors, how additional lighting will work, etc.
  • Finishing materials. On the layout, you can see the real materials that will be used for decoration, color combinations, and textures.
  • We will render from different angles so that you can see the picture completely to the smallest detail.

Even if you do not have your original vision, our experienced specialists will always offer you the best option for a design solution based on the specifics of the room. This is followed by painstaking work that allows you to transform the original idea into a full-fledged design project.

Details of the future interior, its style and functionality are carefully worked out by us at each stage of work. Moreover, your presence at each of these stages is completely optional: we practice remote cooperation, which completely eliminates the need for frequent meetings and negotiations and this allows you to save your personal time.

At the same time, you continue to be a direct participant in the process, having the ability to control the creation of the interior online.

Interior design

Commercial interiors should be profitable. Such concepts as “beautiful, not beautiful” and “like-dislike” go to the second plane due to their subjectivity. We create interiors for a successful business. Stylish, cost-effective, easy to operate. Interiors that envy your competitors.

We also offer architectural design services to our customers. Architectural design from ArtLand is a guarantee of the quality and accuracy of the final product from talented professionals with more than 18 years of experience.

Our main direction is an architectural concept, the basis of which is colorful 3D visualizations, technical and economic indicators and key drawings of the future object.

The result of the work is a set of project documentation that accurately and accurately conveys the idea of ​​any investment, architectural or construction project. In addition, we are ready on an individual order to create a preliminary design of a residential house or cottage, to work out the design of the facade.

Cooperation with us guarantees a serious approach and quality of the final product. And the result of our work never causes complaints and gives an undeniable advantage over competitors.

The main activities are the design of residential and commercial facilities, interior design and landscaping, the creation of presentation material for promoting projects and seeking investments.

Art Land works both with legal entities and private entrepreneurs. Among our clients, there are both large national holdings, and small organizations, just starting their journey in the construction or any other business. Our main task and desire are to make the world a better and more beautiful place, and visualization of ideas for our customers is one of many steps in this direction.

Among us, there are professional architects with experience in the design and implementation of buildings and structures, cottages and interiors. Interior designers and lounge spaces. We also have a large and creative team of visualizers and modelers who are assistants to architects and designers, artists and decorators in the implementation and implementation of their ideas and solutions.

Projects of residential and public buildings

ArtLand Studio performs design work on residential and public buildings. The company’s specialists with experience in creating social infrastructure facilities, residential complexes, office centers, underground parking lots, as well as all engineering networks and territories adjacent to buildings, will help to create the Terms of Reference for the design, find the optimal configuration of architectural volumes. We provide full support in the implementation of architectural projects and provide advice on the architectural and structural design.

Pre-project analysis and design assignments

Specialists of design studios shall conduct a historical and urban planning and landscape analysis of the territory. Own development of visual data storage – an interactive map, allows to apply security zones on it, display regulatory factors that affect the system of design decisions.

Usually, specialists in quality studios select analogs, evaluate and filter them, highlighting the most interesting ideas and principles that have the potential to adapt to the tasks of the customer.

Commercial design

It includes not only the design of commercial facilities and industrial design but also the design of objects and products. In this process, strategic thinking is needed, using the results of marketing research, creative ideas and the ability to make decisions.

The main goal of commercial design is to create a product that is both functional, convenient and aesthetically attractive.

Commercial design is created taking into account all the technical subtleties and needs, the specifics of the direction and ergonomics. In many industries, the design is inseparable from production, however, the more high-tech production, the correspondingly higher the requirements for creating a project are.

Creating a well-thought-out, one-stop solution that can promote, sell or increase the value of a project or product. In the process of developing a commercial design, practical problems of production or product development are solved.


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