3D Architectural Animation Cost


3D visualization deservedly occupies important positions in architecture, construction, and industry.

To create an architectural project, you must go through a number of stages. Let’s decide that by an architectural project we will mean any interior or exterior scene that needs to be modeled and visualized.

Experience suggests that the best way to cope with any project is to analyze it and break it down into simpler components. This analysis and planning process should be in preparation for the project. This is a necessary and inalienable requirement, especially if you want to meet the planned dates and, importantly, the project budget.

Each architectural 3D project is created in several stages:

  • photography
  • measurement of the room
  • drawing a plan
  • creating a room box
  • assignment of materials
  • furniture and accessories
  • production of light
  • visualization

All steps of creating a project are important, require a lot of effort and time. The term of the project depends on how much time is spent on each stage. Therefore, it is more convenient and efficient to work in such a sequence.

Cost of 3D animation

Creating 3D animations today is very popular and in demand. This is primarily due to the fact that commercials with 3D animation are often very realistic and the viewer can not always distinguish high-quality graphics from real shooting.

In addition, not everything can be removed in real conditions or with the help of scenery. For example, if, according to the script of the commercial, it contains scenes of explosions in an underground mine, then shooting in such conditions will be extremely difficult and very dangerous.

Limited space and lack of light will interfere with the crew to make high-quality videos. Then 3D animation of the studio’s specialists comes to the aid.

Or, for example, underwater shooting, which without special equipment and professionally trained divers, is impossible to be produced. That is why you can recreate the necessary underwater simulation using high-quality 3D animation.

Also now architectural 3D animation is in great demand. It is not necessary to use expensive shooting equipment to create a video sequence with skyscrapers. You can recreate the necessary frames using architectural 3D animation.

A high-quality animated video is able to solve the tasks set by the brand no worse than a production video with actors, in the creation of which many people are involved (directors, cameramen, assistants, decorators, directors, actors, etc.).

Filming is very expensive. Therefore, in terms of cost, 3D animation is more beneficial for the customer of an advertising video.

For example, it is impossible to show the viewer how the watch’s internal mechanism works and what it consists of, but with the help of 3D animation, it is possible to demonstrate this clearly by dividing the mechanism on the screen into small rotating parts. Explosions, crashes, natural disasters, reconstructions of historical events – all this to recreate on the set with the help of scenery is very difficult and expensive, and in most cases, it is simply impossible. Then here you can not do without 3d animation.

But it is worth considering that the cost of 3D animation directly depends on its detail and tasks. So, for example, using 3D animation to demonstrate processes that can be reproduced in reality is very difficult to cost less than shooting in kind.

But if it’s impossible to shoot, and the 3d animation should be very realistic, then its price may exceed the cost of in-kind shooting. An example of a 3d animation can be any fantastic blockbuster with a real video sequence, which in reality cannot be removed.

The duration of rendering and the resolution of the output image – Full HD, HD or 4K, also depend on the detail of 3D graphics. Also, the cost of creating a 3d animation as a whole directly depends on the quality of the image you need in the video clip.

How is the cost calculated?

Using architectural models, you can adjust the level of detail of the object, quickly make any changes (which is especially important for interior design), and use architectural animation. Architectural animation makes it possible to find out what a building looks like, for which a foundation has not yet been laid, and architectural animation will send you on a tour of a non-existent apartment or even an entire area.

The cost for each project is calculated on the basis of many factors: the complexity of models and animation, timing, workload, level of detail. But customers are always asked to orient them for the price even before submitting the Terms of Reference. From experience, we can say that the cost of a 3D movie starts from a certain amount, to which the cost of additional services is added.

Prices for exterior animation

3D animation is a technology for creating computer video using volumetric elements of 3d graphics in three-dimensional space. The cost of exterior animation is calculated individually for each Term of Reference based on the amount of work, required detail and source materials. Usually, the cost of production consists of modeling and visualization.

Professional animators and developers use special computer programs to create 3D animations, such as Maya, 3ds-Max, Houdini FX, Wings 3D, 3DReshaper, Blender, Cinema 4D, etc. All these programs differ in the level of complexity, quality, way of creation and of course cost.

Prices for interior animation

Sometimes a single promotional video can have a greater effect than many drawings and business plans, because not everyone understands the intricacies of architecture and financial planning. It is often difficult to explain in words why the customer’s ideas cannot be implemented. This is where 3D models come into play, which is of great importance in architecture and interior design. Usually, the cost of interior animation is calculated by the premises (rooms).

3D animation in comparison with two-dimensional animation has a higher cost, although it does not require drawing each frame by hand. When pricing a 3D animation, specialists working in a 3d animation studio take into account the cost of the software and equipment involved in the work, the duration of the rendering, the timing of the animation clip, the number and complexity of the animation elements and characters, etc.

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