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Three-dimensional visualization is the display of an object, with the goal of perceiving shapes, colors, sizes, as well as its scale and position in the environment.

3D visualization is called the work of creating realistic-looking three-dimensional images. It is performed through special computer programs.

The whole process consists of several stages:

  • modeling;
  • giving basic properties to the model;

The geometric component

At the first stage, the geometric component of the future object is developed. The specialist does this himself with the help of special tools of a specialized program.

The process due to its painstakingness can take more than one hour, and sometimes several days. As a result, a prototype is created that has specific proportions and specific details.

The use of materials

The next stage involves the use of materials that give to the object its dominant characteristics: texture, roughness, color, reflective property, refractive index, transparency. The duration of this stage depends on the complexity of the object.

The surrounding environment

During rendering – the final stage of the process – the surrounding environment is programmed and lighting is made so that the creation looks the most realistic against the backdrop of a particular area.

Moreover, it can be a certain street in some city or ordinary countryside. This is the most creative part of modeling, in which more than one artist can participate.

It is carried out using technologically sophisticated tools. The process of transforming a model into a “picture” occurs after special calculations, which take a lot of time.

But, despite the painstaking procedure, our staff copes brilliantly with it. And you will always be sure to get the desired result!

What is product visualization?

Product visualizations are virtually created product models designed for marketing presentations. During the conceptualization process, they can also help create accurate relationships between concepts and so support the process of form studio.

Our company produces realistic visualizations that facilitate product marketing, simplify sales and make the project concept more understandable for the customer.

Often, studio specialists have to spend a lot of time to correctly explain all the nuances of the project to the customer.

After all, few of us are well versed in the drawings, despite the fact that they are qualitatively executed, and it looks quite understandable. Still, professionals must deal with this matter.

However, modern experts have found the ideal way out of this situation – this is 3D visualization. We emphasize the photorealistic content, and with the help of realistic lighting and materials, we are able to reliably simulate the customer’s idea of ​​his future project.

Why the product is visualized?

3D visualizations created by ArtLand studio support the presentation of the concept.

  • Comparing with a two-dimensional concept or verbal description, visualizations can immediately transfer imagination and thus leave a high aesthetic impression.
  • Visualizations are an integral part of sales and marketing.
  • Visualization is often a cheaper version of the photos processed in the studio.

Our studio offers the following 3D visualization services:

Product visualization – the creation of 3D models

Visualization of objects will allow you to create a three-dimensional model of your products, goods or equipment even before the start of its production.

Also, 3D visualization of objects is the most effective way to idealize them, a certain degree of which is simply necessary for any form of advertising. We are ready to offer you the creation of 3D models of project visualization for advertising and presentations of any degree of complexity.

3D Product Animation

Advertising made using 3D modeling or character visualization is more effective than regular dynamic advertising.

Also in 3D videos, it is possible to visually realize costly and very complex effects, the use of which in regular advertising would require a large budget and the involvement of an additional team of specialists.

3D videos are a fairly new type of advertising products and, therefore, compared with the usual types of advertising, they attract consumers more.

3D-visualization of projects today is the most common, but the scope of application of graphical three-dimensional visualization and 3D-video is much wider.

They are in demand in many sectors of heavy industry — machine building, shipbuilding, petrochemical, and extractive industries — wherever there is a task to tell complex processes in an accessible and visual way.

The value of 3D visualization is especially growing when an idea that has not yet been put into practice needs to be presented in the most convincing way, that is, at the stages of substantiating investments in a project and pre-project preparation.

Movies based on 3D animation come to the aid when a simple video is not available, for example, when modeling the processes of engines in mechanisms, when demonstrating very small processes, when showing objects that do not yet exist at a given time. In order to ensure a high level of quality and reliability in solving such problems, it is necessary not only to be a professional in 3D modeling and visualization but also to have in-depth knowledge in the subject area.

3D Product Design

Creating a realistic visualization of the goods before they appear in the warehouse – save on the production of samples and produce only those products for which there will be demand.

Creating visualizations of large-sized equipment, which cannot be delivered to the studio or problematic to photograph in its entirety.

The ability to create three-dimensional visualization of goods with the ability to view 360°, which can be posted on the website or sent by mail to your customers

3D Interactive Presentation

3D visualization of projects is a powerful way to promote and present them. 3D presentations will help to present your undertakings in volume and thereby maximally approximate the effectiveness of their impact on reality.

You can order both an economical version of the project visualization and a complex photorealistic 3D presentation made using complex dynamic effects. Also, a 3D presentation, at your request, may include audio, video and photo materials.

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