How to make 3D Product Animation to boost your business


Video with 3D animation has become more spectacular and interesting. 3D Product animation allows you to replace costly staged shooting in rented locations with the participation of hired actors , with the video produced using computer graphics.

In some cases, this significantly reduces the cost of creating promotional videos, in others it allows you to create powerful special effects that can not be reproduced in any other way or are very expensive. If you are faced with the task of making a high-quality advertising video, you do not need to create only a 3D animated video. Often the best solution is to enhance the real video by animating 3D objects.

What can animated commercial in 3D be like?

The cost of a minute of 3D animation depends on the quality of drawing 3D objects and the complexity of their “revitalization”. The easiest, fast and inexpensive way is to create a 3D model without drawing small details and textures, and only key elements are animated. This option is well suited for a visual explanation of the work of various mechanisms.

Simple 3D animation is widely used in educational, explanatory videos.

The average detail level is suitable for creating 3D videos about the company. In this case, one or more objects are highly detailed. Medium-difficulty 3D video animation can be used to create a virtual exhibition booth. Shooting an advertising film with 3D elements allows you to attractively present a product or service, to make the movie unique, dynamic, spectacular.

A high level of detail is often found in modern video games. When developing such a 3D, all objects are animated, even the smallest details are animated, and the animation itself becomes photo-realistic. Increasingly, 3D high-quality demos are being used by developers to present residential complexes.

How to promote your 3D Product animation at the initial stage

The effectiveness of the video is directly proportional to the profit, growth of interest in your product or service after its placement on various advertising sites. Spending time on its promotion at the initial stage, you will come to an explosive growth in the interest of the audience.

In addition to the classic YouTube and Vimeo platforms for posting your video, social networks should be as well – Facebook, Instagram. They have everything for the effective promotion of advertising: paid placement tools, metrics by which you can track user activity and much more.

With the growing popularity of video advertising, the Facebook team has developed additional tools that simplify viewing videos from any devices, and the public is actively using them. For greater efficiency, ask your colleagues to do the same, do not forget to regularly publish news about the company (or product) in the groups where the video was posted, to support their livelihoods.

Communicate with bloggers and opinion leaders – they will agree to talk about your product on their channels. So you can do without the help of SMM-specialist at the initial stage and gain significant experience in doing business. Some production studios offer their assistance in advertising and distributing the video – feel free to accept it.

For the artist, the issue of increasing the popularity of the videos developed by his team is topical, so he will do everything to help you gain more views and get a response from the maximum possible target audience. The video is becoming popular thanks to the idea, the non-trivial approach of the masters and the emotional impact on the viewer. However, a lot depends on the sites where you place it, on your personal initiative.

How to evaluate the effectiveness of 3D Product animation?

There are tools for evaluating the effectiveness of video advertising. They will tell you more than the number of views – they are not enough to identify strengths and weaknesses, calculate the ratio of views to sales and much more. The following algorithm for working can be applied:

  1. Analyze YouTube Analytics viewing reports
    This metric is unique: you will find out which moments aroused the most interest of the audience, whether they watched the video to the end or turned it off in the middle. The metric will show from which device the video was viewed, shared or not. Moreover, you can compare your rating with the indicators of other videos of similar timing.
  2. Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica
    With them, you will learn detailed statistics – on which resource the audience learned about you, how they found, in which city or country they watch the video most often and if you manage to keep your audience. You can also track the sequence of transitions to the sales completion page. All this will help to understand what has been done correctly, and what should be taken into account when creating a new video.
  3. Google Consumer Surveys (Google Forms)
    The service allows you to ask absolutely any questions to your viewers – both about the video and about the attitude towards your brand as a whole. The questionnaire will help find ways to expand existing advertising campaigns. The link to the questionnaire should be placed under the description of the video or any other sites related to your brand. Allow everyone to participate, and the result will not belong in coming.

Let’s summarize: to create high-quality 3D Product animation to advertise your business:

  • determine the appropriate type (genre) of the video;
  • select an artist/studio/creator based on the specifics of the desired plot and the complexity of the video;
  • fill in the technical task form as much as possible in detail, the contract for the provision of services, promptly get in touch with the studio in case of additional questions;
  • promote your video with existing advertising and analytics tools.
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