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Architecture is capable of not only preserving but also creating emotions. As sound is recorded on a vinyl disc, so the content and meaning of architectural buildings are recorded on the walls of buildings in the lines and shapes of facades, walls, floors, and ceilings.

These “sounds” sound constantly. Their influence passes unnoticed into the subconscious. For many years, imperial dictators of different countries and eras used architecture as a tool to confirm their power and strength. The buildings of that time stand out for their monumental power.

Such an architecture is capable of suppressing, inspiring fear of greatness and wealth in the minds of “mere mortals” and of endowing its owner with a superpower.

Architecture tells us a lot: in which region you are, in the city or in the village, whether the city is large or small, in the center you are or in the suburbs.

Rich or poor people living in this area, population density, level of scientific and technological progress. The architecture will tell you everything decisively. That is why we travel thousands of kilometers to read through the language of architecture the history of another country.

3D visualization of projects is already a world standard, which has become an integral part of all architectural design projects: from cozy country houses to huge shopping centers and comfortable townhouses.

With its help, you can easily convey the design solution to the customer, prepare an interesting presentation with a fly around the building or walkthrough in the building, clearly show the operation of the mechanisms, etc. More precisely, the 3D visualization of projects is a bitmap image of interiors, exteriors, industrial facilities and other structures designed with the help of 3D packages.

Visualization of design projects creates colorful images of the future building from different angles, shows the color and shape of the furniture, lighting, and appearance of the room.

You can achieve the wow-effect if you carefully work on the photorealistic nature of the pictures. Therefore, one of the components of success is the assignment of the project to specialists with a creative approach to each visualization.

Please note that it’s better to make all the changes right away because after performing the corrections at the final stage, design studios practically do all the work again and this is displayed on the cost of visualization.

Since the 3D visualization of projects involves long-term cooperation in several stages, the next component is an excellent understanding between the visualizer and the customer.

3D walkthrough services for your business

The Internet has already entered the era of three-dimensional technology. And if until recently 3D objects were associated mainly with computer games, now the time has come for practical solutions aimed at promoting your business.

The history of interactive three-dimensional technology originates in the aerospace industry, for which the first software was created that allowed to view surface images of other planets and satellites.

Until recently, 3D technology was actively used only in cinema, television, games, production design and modeling, and now one has a happy opportunity to use this latest technology to grow his business.

Today this technology is widely used in various business sectors: tourism, hospitality, restaurant and retail, real estate, to present visual information about the quality of the interior, cars, etc. There are several architectural walkthrough services, let’s see them.

3D PANORAMA is a new technology of visual representation of volumetric space.

It makes it possible to represent the world in electronic form.

Unlike simple photographs, 3D panoramas create the illusion of presence, give the viewer the opportunity to navigate in virtual space without leaving their personal computer. 3D panoramas can be called a “lively photograph” or spatial picture.

When viewing a 3D panorama, a panoramic 3D image is created on the monitor screen, surrounding the viewer with a 360-degree sphere.

By viewing a virtual 3D panorama, the viewer receives more visual information than in a regular photo. By controlling the computer keys or the mouse, the viewer, in accordance with his wishes, can look around or turn around, look at the whole environment, study the features of the interior, and see the surrounding objects.

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This interactivity of virtual 3D panoramas creates the effect of direct presence. This is a significant advantage that distinguishes virtual 3D panoramas from other visualization tools. Modern technologies allow creating panoramas in the complete absence of any distortion.

3D VIRTUAL TOUR/3D WALKTHROUGH is a set of different 3D panoramas connected into one single complex by “active zones”, through which you can move from one 3D panorama to another.

The main distinguishing feature of the Virtual Tour is the lack of external navigation elements. The control panel for panoramas, objects inside them and transitions between different panoramas is located directly in the viewing window.

A virtual tour requires more time to be created than panorama does, but the tour offers a number of advantages. The visitor of the virtual walkthrough is given the opportunity to move from one room to another, leaving your virtual guest with the complete illusion of being in the room on which he “moves”. A virtual tour maximally implements the principle of “better to see once”.

A 3D walkthrough is one of the most effective and convincing ways of visual presentation of information at the moment, allowing the viewer to make fascinating virtual tours. So, during such a virtual “trip”, the viewer can look around, look in detail at the individual details of the interior, view the panorama from afar, walk around individual rooms – and do all this without leaving your computer!

The main options for hosting virtual tours are Web sites and CD presentations. The presence of a virtual tour on your website will help to attract the attention of visitors, which means increasing the number of potential customers and your income.

Architectural walkthrough services are actively used in various business sectors. The new technology is widely used in tourism, the hotel, automotive and entertainment businesses, e-commerce, the Internet, the media and education.
If you are promoting your institution, you must have encountered the problem of providing visual information to clients; you probably have had to take photos of the transaction object from different angles more than once.

With the help of virtual tours, this problem is a thing of the past, and if you create a CD presentation, then you can significantly reduce your time costs and thereby save time for other things. At the same time, your client will receive a maximum of information in a short time.

Virtual tours recorded on CD can be either an integral component of electronic presentations, or a separate product representing the company, goods and services, technology, etc.

Discs with tours can be handed out to potential customers at presentations, meetings, specialized exhibitions and fairs, and, Unlike leaflets and brochures familiar to everyone, they are not sent to the trash bin after a quick look.

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