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Branding is communication, and graphics is one of its tools. Its task is to identify and distinguish the brand from the environment, and also be convenient to use.

With the help of 2D tools, it is not always possible to strike a balance between efficiency and convenience.

Solutions that 2D and 3D animation companies offer are either unusual, but expensive and uncomfortable, or inexpensive and convenient, but ordinary.
Three-dimensional graphics are really more expensive than two-dimensional. But if you find the right balance between performance, usability and price, it becomes an impressive identity tool.

It all depends on the task. For the sake of a loud, but one-time advertising campaign, you can invest in production and make something like a 3D product animation video.

The main thing to remember is that the more complex the production, the slower the result is.
If you need a long-playing and less expensive tool, complex modeling and hyper-realistic rendering are not suitable.

It is better to limit yourself to a simple abstract graphic element, which is easy to change, combine and supplement with meanings on different media.

Benefits of 3D graphics


3D graphics is one of the sections of computer graphics that operates with techniques and tools for representing three-dimensional objects and managing them in three-dimensional space.

As a result of using 3D graphics, the object can be represented as a “flat” image – the projection of the object, or as a 3D animation.

But in connection with the creation of 3D printers and 3D displays, sometimes it is not at all necessary to project an object on a plane.3D graphics are widely used in cinema and computer games.

But due to the fact that computer and 3D technologies are gaining momentum, three-dimensional graphics are also used in science, industry, medicine and architecture.
The use of three-dimensional graphics in production sector is more efficient if used together with rapid prototyping technology – the creation of prototypes and models.


3D can be generated in editors by pressing just a few buttons. Create a sphere, clone, add randomness, apply the fusion effect, add material and send to render. Rendering takes the most time, but it happens automatically.


Three-dimensional graphics animates more easily. You need to use it – an object in motion attracts attention better. You can add sound to the animated three-dimensional by using another viewer touch channel. It is more impressive and more attention grabbing.
Advertising animation is the most reliable way to impressively advertise a brand. When ordinary shooting is not able to show all the advantages of the product, artists and animators come to the rescue.

2D and 3D animation companies help one demonstrate the product in a way that one could only dream of before, because with its help even the most incredible ideas are embodied on the screen!

Embodying custom ideas
Animation is the only advertising tool that makes it possible to realize any ideas, including completely unthinkable, even fabulous ones.

More catchy characters

Animated videos have a 30% higher audience engagement rating than live footage. Worth thinking about?

Animation allows to create such colorful characters that no professional actor will play so brightly and vividly. The pizza girl very quickly won the attention of viewers with an Italian accent from Orbit advertising. In addition, the advertisement looks funny and non-standard precisely thanks to the animation techniques.

Endless possibilities: creating new worlds

Many brands in their advertising want to emphasize the uniqueness of their product. The best way to do this is to show a different, fantastic world or to completely change the laws of physics and our idea of ​​reality.

Commercials are not always funny and cheerful. Turning video advertising into a disaster movie has never been easier! Special effects at the level of the best blockbusters are now available for advertising conventional equipment.

Covering a wide audience

“The main viewers of animated videos are children” – no one believes in this myth for a long time. Animation is freely used in advertising products both for a narrow segment of consumers (and these are not necessarily children), and for a wide audience.

Now everybody plays on the PlayStation both children, and adults (the latter are even more so).

2D and 3D animation companies managed to show a wide range of characters and gameplay for every taste, combining different scenes in one clip of the game store. Thanks to the animation, everything looks very bright and juicy.

Complicated ideas seem easy

Animation videos are especially actively used in advertising abstract ideas and concepts that cannot be captured on camera. In addition, with the help of visual effects, one can easily explain the principle of action of complex mechanisms or the course of biochemical processes. Animation has become the best way to visualize company concepts.

Boring things get entertaining

Can an insect spray advertisement be interesting? And how! One has only to enable creativity and add animations.

A non-standard approach to advertising the product made it possible to make the video comical and interesting. Laughing viewers are potential buyers, this should be safely used by marketing companies.

Ability to “revive” characters

This technique is worth highlighting as a separate example. This allows you to fully realize imaginary ideas and fill the video with deep meaning. Animated characters next to everyday things look very lively, attract more attention to themselves and, as a result, to the brand.

Animation provides endless tools for translating the most incredible ideas, worlds and characters, allows to show the complex – simple, and boring – interesting. The combination of animation and filming creates contrast and highlights the most important elements of the video.
No matter how easy it may look, advertising animation is a complex and time-consuming process that requires special software and skills.

If you entrust the creation of your unique animation clip to the specialists of 2D and 3D animation companies, your product will be always successful!

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