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The rapid development of computer technology has allowed us to see projects of future objects in three-dimensional image. The ability to create high-quality three-dimensional models is highly valued today.

Even if one is naturally endowed with a talent for work in this area, you still need to constantly improve your skills and attend specialized exhibitions.

3D modeling technology

Many contemporary artists and designers have mastered the methods of drawing three-dimensional objects in software environments.

The most common technologies include 3D design, rendering, visualization, and animation. As a result of these processes, ideas turn into full-fledged digital graphics, which can then be printed on a 3D printer.

The process of converting a three-dimensional image into a physical object is called 3D modeling.

It is incorrect to compare this branch of human knowledge with drawing or another section of art. Modeling is rather closer to drawing and logistics, because with its help it is not a simple image of the object, but its model that describes the features and characteristics.

How is three-dimensional model implemented?

The specialist prepares a file that contains software instructions for the 3D printer. The process resembles the work of an architect or builder using volumetric drawings.

In fact, the file created by the designer is a description of the position of the set of points in space. From these points, geometric shapes are formed that make up a three-dimensional object.

3D modeling for 3D printing

3D printing already has an impact on how products are manufactured – the nature of the technology allows us to find new ways of thinking in terms of economics, ecology and the safety of the production process with universally favorable results.

One of the key factors behind this statement is that 3D printing has the potential to bring production closer to the end user or consumer, thereby reducing current supply chain constraints.

The importance of quickly setting up 3D printing and the ability to produce small production batches on demand is a sure-fire way to attract consumers and reduce or negate inventories and stockpiles — something similar to how Amazon operates.

Initially, three-dimensional modeling was used to create geographic information systems. Nowadays, the scope of its application is constantly expanding.

There is more and more news about the use of 3D printing in the field of medicine, the fashion industry and other things, which is enough for the user’s imagination.

Architecture and Engineering.

Three-dimensional modeling is not replaceable here. This allows both the engineer and the customer to see as much as possible in detail what the structure and product will be.

Innovation is changing the jewelry industry: Now customers do not have to go to the store. It is enough for them to choose the design of their ring, bracelet or necklace on the website of the jewelry company, set its size, determine which metal the jewelry will be made of and what precious stones the product will be inlaid with.

For a separate amount, one can even develop his own jewelry design, and the machine will do the rest.

Advertising and filming.

Here, three-dimensional modeling allows to reduce the cost of shooting a movie or movie. It’s easier to create some kind of background or extras on the computer than to do it in reality.

Many sales trainings in the advertising environment orient participants to the use of 3D technologies.
In the case of room design, three-dimensional models of furniture will show how your room will look.

New technologies will save you from excruciating thoughts and mistakes in case of improper selection and arrangement of things.

Science and industry.

All modern production is built on preliminary three-dimensional modeling. It is impossible to imagine, for example, the release of a new car without first having its 3D presentation first on the sidelines of the concern, and then in public.

Web design.

The growing demands on computer graphics have made 3D product modeling services highly popular when creating games and sites.

Sales, sales, sales … Three pillars on which e-commerce stands. Neither high traffic, nor high-quality design, nor functionality, nor beautiful pictures on the site are a guarantee of success.

Only a consistently high level of sales can provide the e-market with the desired income and prospects.
Three-dimensional modeling can significantly increase the position of your site in search results!

The reason is to improve behavioral factors. The principle of action is simple: you place on the pages a model of your product, or an example of the service performed, as a result of which the visitor sees what exactly he will receive by contacting you.

This significantly increases the interest in goods and services, because people like to consider 3D objects. Let’s look at a few simple use cases.

You provide interior design services. Ordinary photos can not always convey all the advantages of your work, because they are flat, the user will not be able to evaluate the design from all sides.

A three-dimensional model is another matter, because with its help you can imitate a finished interior, creating a kind of “virtual tour”.

You sell exclusive hand-made products. In the usual case, to attract customers would have to take a large number of photos, but competitors almost certainly did the same.

As a result, your product cannot stand out, attract attention. A three-dimensional model will help the user evaluate the merits of the products and distinguish you from other representatives of the industry.

And that’s not all! The owners of websites of various subjects, from furniture stores to travel agencies, resort to 3D product modeling services.

Statistics say that three-dimensional images act on potential customers much better than standard photographs.

Autodesk’s consumer preference research revealed what could motivate users to shop online. The answer lay on the surface: 80% of respondents said that the 3D model of the product stimulates them to make a purchase. 65% say that it will be psychologically harder for them to return a product seen in 3D.

If you are looking for an effective way to attract visitors, perhaps now is the time to resort to 3D modeling services!

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