What is 3D Interactive Presentation


The most commonly used multimedia solutions in business are interactive presentations, and they are leading with a huge margin.

3D presentation is an interactive environment that has three dimensions or, more simply, volume. Moreover, they vary significantly in their complexity. It can be a full-fledged virtual world like in a computer game.

Or a simpler presentation with the inclusion of individual three-dimensional elements. For example, it can be various rotating objects.

Interactive 3D presentation

An interactive 3D presentation is a project that will allow to most advantageously show the exterior of the building that has not yet been built, the architectural complex, the configuration and equipment of the infrastructure.

In such projects, it is possible to independently study an architectural object, moving along it in any desired direction.

The presentation includes the architectural object itself and the territory adjacent to it. Studies of consumer preferences show that, with all else being equal, the client chooses the option that has the most complete and realistic information.

3D interactive presentation usage

Interactive presentations are used both on their own – all kinds of events and as part of events, including accompanying the speaker’s speech.

In the first case, usually, the emphasis is on the information component of the presentation and ease of management.

The user should receive the most complete information with the minimum amount of effort. In the second case, the dominant role is played by the visual range and unusual presentation. The main task is to amaze the audience, capture and hold their attention.

3D Interactive presentation is an effective tool that opens up new opportunities for providing information about the company, its products or services. Also, the introduction of such systems is relevant in the framework of training programs at enterprises and educational institutions.

The use of multimedia solutions allows transferring the experience, transferring data to customers, employees or students to a higher level.

What are 3D interactive presentations for?

Influence on the process of displaying data and interaction with the studied objects are fundamental differences of interactive presentations from standard solutions.

Efficiency is achieved by organizing a complete visual environment, plunging into which the user goes beyond the ordinary viewer and becomes a full-fledged participant in what is happening.

This approach to providing data about a brand, product or object, events or changes is guaranteed to affect memorability and loyalty.

The 3D presentation allows to demonstrate to the customer:

  • future building or structure
  • future interior
  • catalog of products with the possibility of interactive rotation and modification
  • manufacturing process
  • any collection of objects

This type of presentation has high visibility and is very popular among young people. If they are your target audience, then developing a 3D presentation is a great way to impress them.

Previously, the available technical specifications did not allow changing models in 3D format.

But over time, the modernized interactive 3D format makes it possible to build a functional and interesting presentation, which will subsequently positively and effectively affect the process of conducting business negotiations.

In addition to business negotiations, three-dimensional presentations are perfectly used to promote real estate in the relevant market. The presentation developed and presented will demonstrate to the potential client a detailed setting and layout of the room that he can rent or buy.

If a business refers to trading through the Internet, and one cannot contact customers directly, then he can use the site itself as a presentation. The beauty of an interactive 3D presentation is that one can work with it by placing it in an Internet browser. And such an opportunity does not limit in time or in space.

Features of 3D interactive presentations

Modern capabilities of three-dimensional graphics allow the implementation of the most daring solutions and projects.

Do you want to not just see the visualization, but directly feel yourself in the territory of a house, a personal plot or an industrial facility that is just planned to be built?

In this case, the optimal solution is a 3D interactive presentation. Of the most interesting features of a three-dimensional presentation, it is necessary to mention:

  • 3D rotating models for electronic catalogs and stores
  • the ability to implement gameplay and complex interactivity
  • the opportunity to walk along the streets of a virtual city or future interior
  • the opportunity to view from all sides an interesting exhibit in a virtual museum, the real prototype of which is thousands of kilometers away
  • selection of a set of object textures to your liking
  • switching to the flight mode of the camera along a predetermined path;
  • movement in the first person;
  • animation of any objects in the virtual world, for example, the movement of cars and people;
  • optimization of the virtual world of placement on the Internet resource;
  • sound effects of objects, for example, wind noise, music from a window, splashing water, people talking;
  • and much more…

As a result, thanks to realistic textures, lighting, and various 3D effects, a promising product is created that will be useful for promoting your business.

For example, a 3D interactive presentation of buildings is an effective marketing tool.

The presence effect, which is implemented in 3D tours, allows one to present a service or product as profitable as possible. The potential target audience does not just watch the video but feels like a direct participant.

Such a presence gives vivid emotions, feelings and, a priori, a loyal attitude. The service is especially relevant for developers and construction companies who want to effectively present a prototype of a building to investors or buyers.

No less relevant are 3D tours of the village, city or other infrastructure that are being planned to be built.

A key feature is a demonstrative and vivid presentation that, better than any description, will help to study the subject.

The interactive 3D presentation can also be useful for industrial facilities. When developing specialized components or parts, 3D modeling allows viewing the subject from all angles.

The use of spherical and cylindrical panoramas allows creating 3D rotation in a very realistic form.

Three-dimensional presentation is created using the software, panoramas, and transition points. In the process of traveling on a virtual tour, it is these points that serve as an impetus for moving through interactive space.

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