How do you imagine the work of an architect? Most people think of a person sitting in front of an editorial practical table, with a pencil, an eraser and a ruler in their hands, who completes a drawing or charts to perfection in the wee hours.

Contrary to this stereotype, now experts work in comfortable conditions surrounded by modern computers and innovative software, which in many ways can surpass the sheet of paper and a pen. But technology alone is not enough!

Even with all of today’s technologies, a master must be able to draw in a simple album or notepad. Every second a professional specialist explores, fantasizes and comes up with new solutions and decor methods, so he always has at hand a piece of paper and a pencil.

In the Renaissance, there was a concept of canon, which provided for such general principles of work as attention to proportions, to materials and so on.

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And each architect is obliged to compare his ideas with the rules, be attentive to the historical context, take into account what was done before him. Therefore, the main task of the architect is to find a compromise between something original, between his aesthetic line and what is considered generally accepted and based on certain canonical principles.

Architecture should be in tune with time. This principle is evident in all projects of design srudios and individual architects. It is very important. If you are designing in the 21st century, then in the next century your building should be very clearly associated with the time when it was built.

Modern architecture should be based on the use of modern materials and modern planning solutions. Recall that the development of styles such as art deco or, say, constructivism, has always depended on the glass industry.

If earlier it was possible to make glass of a certain size, now the possibilities have become much wider. Accordingly, architects now work in a completely different way with glass as with facade materials, they approach the division of the facade in a new way, and use large glass surfaces.

Of course, an experienced architect should be able to use programs such as AutoCAD, Maya, Zbrush and many others. But this does not negate his ability to draw creative imagination as well. However, computer software systems, products, and technologies can help a modern architect create more unique ideas, quality schemes, and stunning presentations.

Hiring a master who has strong fundamental qualities and has innovative technical means, you can get a huge number of house projects and interior design options.

Each person has a desire to live in a cozy and comfortable house. In the pursuit of creative realization or under the influence of drugs, some artists draw inappropriate for implementation. And then the architects are forced to shove it into the master plan …

An architect is a creative profession in which more and more technologies of computer graphics and 3D graphics in particular are used. Given the construction boom that has swept the world, architects are in demand more than ever.


The vast majority of architectural studios develop project documentation exclusively on a computer, and use three-dimensional visualization to submit their projects to the customer, when participating in tenders, etc.

Three-dimensional graphics allows the architect to work with the project as a real object, prepare various options and quickly make any changes to the project. Three-dimensional technologies today solve various problems in construction and architecture, allowing to speed up and simplify the design process.

3D modeling of buildings, structures, premises, monuments and other objects helps to quickly convey ideas to the customer and make adjustments at any stage of the project.

If you are faced with the task of reconstructing or modernizing an object, developing technical documentation or measuring the geometry of a building with high accuracy, you can get a 3D model using an industrial 3D scanner.

3D printer in architectural and construction projects makes it possible to quickly create realistic and accurate layouts of any architectural projects.

Problems of Modern Architects

Previously, governments were the main customer of architects, and architecture often became an instrument of propaganda – for example, this happened after the Second World War, when the American government tried to use the ideas of modernism in the fight against an ideological enemy.

Famous architects worked mainly on projects for public buildings, universities and museums. After the massive privatization that took place in the United States and Great Britain in the 1970s and 1980s, corporations became the largest customers.

Even educational institutions are often owned by large companies, and therefore the main customer of architects is the financial elite, whose interests differ from the interests of ordinary people.

Privatization has had a great impact on modern cities. In many of them, it is in recent decades that inequality has grown between the way well-educated and wealthy people and the rest of the population live. In addition, in many large cities, the number of middle class representatives has declined.

Ideas quickly become obsolete. Architects always work with reality, with contemporary problems. However, in reality it turns out that they are always behind, because even if the project is being built very quickly, their ideas become obsolete by the time the building is built.

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The most active architects are those whose careers began in the 1970s or 1980s. Their worldview was formed in that era, and they are poorly prepared for what is happening now: ideas that were important during their studies and in the early years of their careers are not applicable to the world in which we live today.

In the work of the architect there are always both successful and unsuccessful projects. The fact is that work on one or another object is almost always a struggle. An architect, as a rule, is the only participant in the process who is interested in implementing the idea from beginning to end.

Moreover, around him there are almost always people who oppose him. The customer wants to save money, the contractor wants to simplify his work, the supplier of materials wants to sell cheap products at an expensive price, and the city authorities do not need unnecessary problems with some complex design decisions.

If the architect wins this struggle, then the initial idea has a chance for a quality implementation, but if the author of the project does not cope with the onslaught of opponents, the final result can radically differ from the original image.

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