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3D animation is computer-generated objects moving in three-dimensional space. Artists create objects using 3D animation software. Then snap-in is performed; this is a virtual representation of the object or the skeleton of the character.

Animation specialists place the snap-in a certain way at key points so that the object seems to be moving. More modern animation techniques include motion capture technology.

With its help, the actor’s movements are captured and recorded, which are then used in digital animation.

Looking at 3D Software Tools

Looking for a program in which you can create your own cartoon with your voice acting and self-made characters?

This is quite an entertaining affair. It is a pleasure, and even over time, it helps to make a multiplier career.

Speaking about software, you will be interested to learn about the largest software manufacturers in the world.

There are a huge number of programs that allow you to create animation. They can be downloaded for free on the Internet.

The composition of such programs include add-ons, for example, applications for creating 3D-animation and cartoons, export tools and so on.

Computer animation is the process of creating cartoons using graphics programs. This is a digital successor of motion capturing methods with 3D models and time-lapse 2D animations.

When shooting a cartoon, an illusion of movement is created when the image is displayed on a computer screen and is periodically replaced with a similar one. The same effect is obtained in television and movies.

Computer animation

Computer animation can be created using the software. The animation is animating a picture to show the movement of characters. 3D animation creates an image that seems real to the viewers.

Today, the animation is used in almost all areas. Cartoons are shown for entertainment purposes on television and cinemas, advertisements, presentations, and many applications.

Everything is limited by the designer’s imagination. To teach this art to people on the Internet, simulators come to the rescue.

They use animation to react to real-time events and are non-deterministic. If you have creative abilities, then these programs will help you create your own animated creations. We provide a list of the best animation software for beginners and professionals.


a program for creating cartoons in 3D, in other words, a professional editor of three-dimensional graphics. This program is extremely demanding on computer resources and useless without a powerful video card and specific knowledge.

3D Product Animation Best Software Tools

It allows you to create entire movies with cool effects of hand-drawn animation, indistinguishable from reality. It is popular not only for work at home but also among recognized Hollywood masters to make cartoons with a multi-million dollar budget. Its capabilities will envy most of its competitors.

Easy GIF Animator

Easy GIF Animator will allow you to create unique animated images made in the style of a slideshow of your choice.

You can apply special effects, use your own photos and save the finished content in the popular AVI video format, placing your work on the necessary resources.

It is noteworthy that the Easy GIF Animator will give you the ability to directly download the required images from the World Wide Web for further processing. Adjust the conversion counters, add various textual information and change the color shades of your materials.

Toon Boom Harmony

Toon Boom Harmony will help you to embody your creativity in the form of animated films in both 2D and 3D visualization. The utility contains a decent set of tools for processing cartoons. It is considered a professional tool for creating cartoons, for the basis of which, you can take your own library with characters, imported objects, and textures. You will be given the opportunity to overlay layers and implement smooth, as well as sequential transitions. Control each scene, smoothing out any additional elements, track the movement of your objects through the system of key points and much more!

3DS Max

3DS Max is the best software for creating an animation based on polygonal modeling. With this software, beginners can create 3D images, such as cones, cubes, pyramids, which will serve as the basis for models. The program is designed to create large projects. With such a program is very easy to work for those who know it well. With it, you can download plug-ins to increase their capabilities.

Houdini is one of the best software for creating 3D-animation. This application is used to create high-quality graphics. With the help of the Houdini program, you can model, deal with texturing, and create animated 3D models. You can make your own website, filled with 3D-content or combine the created characters and scenes. Houdini has a procedural and nodal interface through which you can make plugins.

iCone Pro

Would you like to see a quality performance of your animated ideas? With the help of iClone Pro, you can comfortably implement your plans! Being a professional complex consisting of an extensive set of functions, iCone Pro will provide you with a whole range of advantages when working with a relief, various characters, a landscape shell and so on. The main advantage is the transformation of the movements of a real person into an animated style; this was achieved with the help of a technology called “Kinect”, which was developed by experts from Microsoft.

Motion Builder

Motion Builder came up with to create 3D animations. The program will help you conveniently and efficiently manage data. Motion Builder has a fast and convenient interface with which you can capture the movements of cartoon characters.


Modo is a professional software for creating 3D-animation with excellent opportunities for modeling and painting. Modo has a unique design with a minimum number of tools for more efficient operation. Modo is a useful application for artists and designers. It helps to make an invisible difference between photography and computer graphics.


software is for creating 3D-animation for professional use on television, game development, and making movies. This is an offline software package for creating animations with tools and applications. It is the best option for animators and modelers. The software includes online tutorials designed to help beginners.

Anime Studio Pro

Anime Studio Pro is perfect for creating animation in 2D. There is a library containing ready-made elements and characters. You can easily create short films or full films. From the obvious advantages of Anime Studio Pro, you should select the tools to change the background and details. The complex has a modern interface. A convenient program allows you to import objects created using other applications. It cannot fully work with the volumetric graphics in the normal mode, however, it can be upgraded with the help of developers’ compatibility with the Unity 3D engine.

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