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There are a million and one ways to use a 3D printer at home. 3D models for the printer can be from jewelry to dishes and toys. If you have already managed to buy a 3D printer, then creating unique items is not a problem for you.

The kitchen is probably the largest place in the house where a 3D printer will be useful, there are many amazing kitchen accessories, gadgets, and tools that are easy to print on a 3D printer.

Clips for bags. At first glance, this is a simple bag clip, but it was designed to be fully customizable. You can not only print them in any color scheme but also in any size so that they perfectly match your kitchen. They can even be printed with product names.

These clips can be used throughout the home, for example for wiring cables and cords, or as identification tags for bags and even as a reliable alternative to clothespins.

Stand for the paddle. This simple model is probably the most used at women’s place. This is really useful, the paddle is always at hand. The 3D model prototype stand is relatively small and can be hidden when it is not needed.

Wall organizer for towels and various little things. This mosaic modular system is an easy and inexpensive way to add color and unique style to your kitchen or office. Pieces of the puzzle can be made in any color and assembled in a wide variety of configurations depending on available space and individual needs.

Egg Separator. This simple device will save you from problems with the separation of eggs. The model consists of two parts, the nozzle must be rigid, PLA is suitable for it, and the rest will be compressed, use FLEX for it. Try it, and you will be surprised how you did without it before.

Noodle dispenser. This simple device will always help to clearly measure the number of needed servings.

Cup for popcorn. This is not just a cup, it has a strainer that will help separate unopened kernels. Sometimes such a thing can save your teeth while watching a very fascinating movie. Also, the model can be increased to your favorite size.

Hanger for glasses. If you like gatherings with friends over a glass of wine, this gadget is for you. Just screw a few under the wall cabinets or inside them and insert the glasses. Glass will not interfere and break, and stains from water residues are not a problem, as the glasses are turned upside down.

Bottle holder. Continuing the theme of wine, the device is very simple, but quite practical, screwed under a cabinet and withstands a standard bottle of wine. Print in the color of your kitchen and the design decision is ready.

Spice shaker. You can put any powdered spices in this cute cloud shaker. Salt, pepper, sugar, and even leafy spices such as oregano or basil. Just fill the container, turn the switch to one of two different positions, and it is ready to add your favorite flavors. This container is ideal for powdered sugar, grated chocolate or cocoa.

Sponge holder. After washing the dishes, there remains a wet sponge that you don’t know where to put, it was for this box made with a special drain for water. Thanks to this idea, all the things in your kitchen will have their place.

Have you bought a 3D printer? Then take advantage of these free 3D models for the printer and bring the perfect order to your kitchen.

3D models for printing interior design

Today we hear a lot about 3D printing: 3D printing machines, 3D printing prostheses, 3D printing engines, and even 3D printing products.

A 3D printer is already in all areas of our lives, but it gives designers the most opportunities.
Many architects and interior designers make extensive use of 3D printers to create new and unique products that give the overall atmosphere of the property a truly modern and exclusive look. Let’s see how a 3D printer changes the work of architects and designers.

New features – those who keep up with the times have long allowed themselves to buy a 3D printer, now their technical resources are unlimited. They can use all their creative abilities and create unique things. In fact, a 3D printer saves a lot of time, because the production of one part can be completed in a matter of hours compared to the days and weeks needed for traditional methods, find, order, wait for delivery, etc.

Easy accessibility of technology – even a good 3D printer on HIWIN branded rails today is not so expensive and can be easily installed in any workshop, even the smallest. Even if the designer works with larger objects, such as furniture, you can always make it exclusive by printing your own pens or decor. This has made many very much in demand because they offer what cannot be bought. They no longer depend solely on what is available on the market.

Efficient production – thanks to the speed and accuracy of the 3D printer, you can produce only what you need, in the quantity that is needed, with the least loss and in the shortest time. Moreover, any product or batch that you print will be unique, the creator can do innumerable iterations and get the best in accordance with his preferences.
Settings – if you decide and buy a 3D printer, then you can let customers choose the color and size of the decor while maintaining the design. In fact, it is also possible to change the appearance of existing objects by adding 3D-printed elements to the nickname.

There are many models of 3D printers on the market from the cheapest to the very expensive, making your choice, pay attention to the main thing: high-quality components, a closed case, structural rigidity, the ability to install additional functions (for example, a laser engraver), and not just the price. Often, 3D printers are unreasonably overpriced, just do not take a 3D printer much cheaper than your counterparts, choose something average from domestic manufacturers and along with the quality you will receive maintenance, warranty, and quality advice, as well as protect your rights as a consumer. A good 3D printer will not cost less than $ 700, make the right choice.

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