Progress in the development of 3D printing technology allows us to talk about a revolution in the field of 3D model order and manufacturing of final products.

Using the capabilities that devices for additive manufacturing offers are the key to saving money when creating a product in a single copy.

3D printing technology is very versatile and is often used for rather unusual purposes. Of course, this leads to interesting results that attract a lot of attention. But all events cannot be covered, and some achievements remain behind the scenes.

We believe that this is not correct and in this section, we want to list interesting facts about 3D printing that you may not have known.

3D printing is one of the most promising areas in the field of manufacturing materials and products of various types.

ArtLand offers high-quality 3D model order services by all modern standards.

Benefits of 3D printing

The use of additive technologies in modern production, layout engineering, modeling, and other fields has advantages that allow us to distinguish this technique from others. Among the main advantages we note:

  • Wide range of applications. Custom 3D printing allows to develop a product for almost any industry – be it mock-ups for exhibitions, models for presentations or parts for equipment.
  • Fast manufacturing speed. The use of specialized equipment to create products requires considerable time. 3D printing services will reduce the overall production time.
  • Unlimited possibilities. Using 3D equipment, one can create absolutely any product, regardless of the complexity and scope of work.
  • A variety of materials. One can order 3D printing not only from plastic but also from other materials.

Advantages of 3D modeling

Custom 3D modeling has significant advantages over the more familiar 2D. Among the main advantages it should be noted:

  • Wide range of applications. Modern equipment allows developing any 3D-models to order that can be used in various fields and industries.
  • Visibility. Execution in the 3D version allows studying all the visual features and characteristics of the object. Thus, the manufacture of 3D models from plastic is especially relevant when used in architecture.
  • A variety of materials. The manufacture of 3D models can be carried out using various materials that differ from each other in their characteristics and properties. 3D model order in our company is the best solution!

Interesting facts about 3D printing

First, we’ll list some interesting facts about 3D printing. Of course, here can be attributed much more points. It all depends on people’s awareness. Indeed, today everyone already knows that using a 3D bioprinter, you can create artificial organs and living tissues, as well as much other similar information. Therefore, we have chosen revolutionary techniques that are only gaining popularity and are of particular interest and value in certain circles.

  1. 3D printing of all-in-one tabs

    In the USA, epilepsy tabs printed on a 3D printer can already be found in pharmacies. And scientists do not intend to stop at the production of only one drug. Currently, new methods of 3D printing of medicines are being developed, with researchers paying special attention to SLA technology. The main advantage of using 3D printing for these purposes is the possibility of a gradual release of active substances. That is, such a tablet can be programmed to consistently dissolve over a period of time. If you need to take several different drugs per day, this can be a real breakthrough in treatment.

  2. 3D printing of food

    You probably already know about this, but this fact is worth talking about in more detail. Today, this 3D technology industry is not very developed, but progress is growing rapidly. Several restaurants of 3D-printed food are already operating in the world, and some culinary specialists use 3D printing to realize their creative ideas. In addition to this, manufacturing products on a 3D printer represents a real prospect for astronauts. Indeed, with the help of 3D printing, it is possible to endow food with the maximum amount of nutrients and serve it in the most convenient form.

  3. 3D printing of living tissues

    Interesting facts about 3D printing are simply inconceivable without this point. 3D bio-printing is a real panacea in the world of medicine. With its help, scientists intend to create full-fledged living tissues suitable for implantation in the human body. Now experiments are actively being conducted on the manufacture of artificial organs, bones, blood vessels and even hair using living cells. And such undertakings are extremely successful! Of course, it is still far from mass 3D printing of full-fledged organs, but we are definitely moving in the right direction.

  4. Space

    3D printing promises to be the main technology in space. With its help, people not only conquer the vastness of the universe but also conquer new territories. Using 3D printing, parts of rockets, satellites and other spacecraft are produced, and the ISS even has its own 3D printer operating in zero gravity. Moreover, 3D model printing is considered as a potential technology for creating human settlements on the Moon and Mars. Who knows how far 3D technology will bring us.

How 3D model order is accomplished

The terms of 3D printing directly depend on the material, volume, and technology by which the designed model will be manufactured.

Pricing issue

Many customers are interested in the question – how much is the cost of printing on a 3D printer?

Typically, pricing is influenced by the characteristics of the future product – the type of material used, weight and layer thickness. The cost of printing on a professional 3D printer depends on several important criteria. The main one is the type of material that you want to use to obtain the finished product. It can be either high-strength engineering ABS plastic or flexible FLEX.

Layer thickness

The second most important criterion affecting the cost of services is the thickness of the layer of application of the material. The smaller the thickness of the layer, the more accurately it is possible to convey the smallest nuances of its shape. You can independently familiarize yourself with the price table for various types of materials when printing with different layers.

Model weight

The third criterion affecting the price is the weight of the model. The weight of the model may vary depending on which filling you want. The larger this value, the more plastic will be required.

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