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Understanding and very patient to work with. Great job! Happy with the results.Thank you so much for your hard work.
Another job well done!
I am a perfectionist and sometimes very difficult to work with. But once again, I'm very impressed with the quality of service and professionalism that I've received from Mohsen and his team. They delivered a beautiful product and helped my company reach an important timeline. This is our third time hiring them and we're looking forward to working with them again in the future.
Mohsen was so great to work with on this project! We were the 'super complicated' client with many revisions and tweaks. He was patient and diligent with our changes and provided quick turnaround for us to review. I would definitely recommend this Freelancer! We have a very special and unique finished product!! Thank you!
Artland Design did a great job. The time frame was tight and yet they provided excellent work and fantastic communication. They are an ambitious and hard-working team and Mahmood was very hands on and listened well to our comments and requests. I highly recommend Artland Design and will work with them again for sure.
Was very understanding and patient. Very professional and always reachable.
The project was quite complicated requiring matching features unique to the local geography. However Kingjoon was able to complete the model how we wanted it. There was a lot of comments back and forward which Kingjoon handled well and we are pleased with the final result. We hope to work together again in the future.
This designer is polite, patient, and talented. Our logo is stunning. He worked with us through countless revisions just so that we would be 100% satisfied. 10/10!! Will hire again
Kelli A. Collins

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«I’ll come up with new ideas, and you just visualize them!» – this is what designers need today. In addition to the  creative work, professionals must bring interested customers to their projects, as well as the necessary means for their implementation. This can be very difficult to prove that a project is worth investing in, as the customer is hard to imagine it visually.
Art Land Visualization Studio assures you high-quality visuals, reliable and inexpensive way of creating images. Good studio can handle any task. In this studio professionals with extensive experience and high salary are working. We specialize in 3D presentation of your design project. Turning to the Art Land Design Studio, the client can be sure that his mission will be executed qualitatively and in time. Even ordinary 3D presentations so fascinate the viewer that he often stops at the purchase of this particular proposed project. And with this growing competition, Art Land Design studio offers good discounts on the services.


“Do Architects need visualization?” Photorealistic rendering is needed for high-quality presentation of the architectural project. At the initial stage of communication with the client it is rendering that plays a key role, rather than plans and drawings. Often architects greatly interested in architecture itself, forget about the quality of the work presentation. But it works in the complex. It turns out that in the final the submission of poor quality kills the embodiment of the most valuable ideas. The modern world is spoiled with media and advertising, so the potential client usually wants to see your order in the “bright wrapper”
Architects and visualizers need not to forget that the professional poin of veiw is not always clear and comprehensible to an ordinary customer. In practice, it is repeatedly convinced that the magical possibilities of 3D rendering save the most mediocre architecture. It’s time to unlock the secrets of consumer kitchen to 3D architectural industry.

Real estate

Selling luxury real estate of business and elite class and salling housing of economy class and comfort are two big differences. What should be pointed to the buyer? What particularly are people who want to buy real estate of a high level interested in? They know what they want, so before the meeting or conversation with you they necessarily learn the specialized resources and articles on the Internet. Communicate with them as an expert – they will appreciate your knowledge and tips.
Art Land works and develops for almost a decade in the field of 3D rendering and 3D modeling. During this time its team has learned and knows exactly what problems you may encounter when you order 3D with strict observance of deadlines.
Working with a project, Art Land Design Studio accompanies it at all its stages, from the gray walls ending with final render for printing. We save your time, which you can use to work productively on other projects.


The first visualization appeared, oddly enough, more than 10,000 years ago in the form of cave paintings. Then, artists honing their skills have had really high achievements in the quality of material handling. Computer graphics came to replace manual labor.
Rendering an object is used by most construction companies, developers, builders, investors, as well as specialists whose activities are related to commercial real estate. Nowadays, every third developer turns to the services of 3D visualization.
3D visuals of a building, architectural objects and interiors of houses allows to present a full picture, an impression of the future building or room in the smallest details. Three-dimensional graphics is used in those situations where you need to see how the material will look in the interior, the future real estate in areas, where and how to place furniture and small architectural forms on the site. If you do an object visualization, then you can see the smallest details in the form of realistic graphics and appreciate all the positive and negative points to the start of construction or repair.

Creative Agency

It is a known fact, that no matter how talented and gifted a designer is, for the most part the client is not exactly sure of the correctness of the choice, until he sees the final result. The client is slow in approvals, there arouse a lot of questions to him. And all this Gordian knot can be cut in one fell, modeled in 3D and received an image, such as a beautiful necklace, for example. Having in your arsenal a portfolio containing beautiful, spectacular images, you get an additional opportunity for a good self-presentation to future customers, thus, automatically increasinng the cost of your services.
No problems!  Art Land Design Studio will provide such an opportunity. You need to show how a closet will match in the interior ? With the help of three-dimensional graphics an exact copy of it can easily be created, and 3D animation will demonstrate even the way its doors will open.

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